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The Real Reason for an Attack on Syria

By David Dienstag

...From the beginning, possession of WMD has been a boogeyman puckering American leadership behinds as well as Israelis and herds of neocon idiots and allegedly some Saudis too. What is perhaps useful to remember is that there never was a single peep from any of these deep thinkers as Pakistan pursued its own nuclear program. Now that Pakistan has WMD, no one dares talk about regime change in Islamabad. Instead, diplomats talk quietly about the need to “stabilize” Pakistan, a notion that provokes laughter among people who know the place. In fact, Pakistan has been murdering its own people for decades and using American weapons to do it without a tear from Samantha Power or Mrs. Clinton or the president. To this day, Balochis turn up dead by the side of the road as the Army and the ISI kill and dump them with impunity. It never seems to make it to mainstream American news sources. Pakistan has killed as many as 10,000 Balochis, using American supplied weapons, in a matter of days. That was OK, it seems. But Assad is somehow a threat to American national security because he does the same things to his own people. Really? I don’t think so...

...That is why I think this whole strike notion, a plan that has no plan, is a trap. It is a trap to involve and invest Americans in the Syrian war as mercenaries for Saudi Arabian policy objectives and not American “security” at all.