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Gas pipeline and electric towers blown up, Gas Company attacked

thumbnail imageOccupied Balochistan: several gas pipelines, electric towers and a Gas Company have been attacked in different areas of Balochistan in past two days. The Baloch resistance Organisation fighting for the Independence of Balochistan accepted responsibility of these incidents and vowed to carry out more attacks.

China Has Designs on Balochistan

thumbnail image"Balochistan is situated at such a location that you can’t ignore its geo-political significance. China and other superpowers including Pakistan are using it for defence related purposes and mining its resources. Pakistan and its authorities have some sympathy – not for the Baloch people but for the land, its resources and its geo-political value."

Consortium Revises Offer to Secure Reko Diq Lease

thumbnail imageAccording to a revised proposal, the TCC has offered to raise $600 million in loans to fund the provincial government’s 25 per cent share of the capital contribution for equity participation at no interest to start mine development.

Supreme Court Declines Stay Order on Reko Dik’s Contract

thumbnail imageISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday declined to grant stay order on awarding of contract for exploration of Reko Dik mines in Balochistan and put off hearing till December 15.

Blood Gold: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth

thumbnail imageWhy haven’t Pakistan’s ‘blood and conflict’ resources never attracted international attention? Conversely, the discovery of what is said to be the world’s second largest copper-gold reserve, Reko Diq, in Balochistan’s Chaghi region has attracted many greedy companies, benefiting from corrupt deals.

Balochistan to Move Supreme Court Against Deal With PSA

thumbnail imageQUETTA: Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani has decided to challenge the agreement which was brokered during the previous government with Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) for handling the operations of Gwadar Port, a reliable source within the government seeking anonymity told The Baloch Hal here on Friday night.

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