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Gas pipeline and electric towers blown up, Gas Company attacked

Reko Diq

Occupied Balochistan: several gas pipelines, electric towers and a gas company have been attacked in different areas of Balochistan over the past two days. Baloch resistance organisations fighting for the independence of Balochistan accepted responsibility for these incidents and vowed to carry out more attacks.

Baloch militants blew up a high pressure gas pipeline near Dera Allahyar in Jaffarbad district, some 18-kilometers from Jacobabad, early Thursday morning disrupting gas supply to major parts of Balochistan, SSGC officials said.

According to sources, the militants attached explosive materials to a gas pipeline in Sim Shakh (Outfall Drain) area which destroyed an 18 inch diameter gas pipeline. The gas supply from Bugti Tribal Territory to Quetta was severely disrupted affecting all of Balochistan during this period of cold weather.

SSGC official Inayatullah Ismail said that the blast damaged the pipeline which was carrying about 145 mmcfd to Quetta for onward transmission to the north and south of the Balochistan. Another explosive device was attached to the same pipeline which was recovered and defused by personnel of a law enforcement agency.

Mr. Inayatullah Ismail said that current supply to Balochistan is being carried out through an emergency line and he made an appeal to the consumers to use natural gas with maximum care otherwise the supply will be exhausted and disrupted for all of Balochistan.

“The team is inspecting the damaged pipeline, hence we cannot estimate the losses,” he said and added that repair work will be completed within 48 hours. Sources said that the gas supply to Habibullah Coastal Power House, Quetta, was also disrupted due to the blast which may further aggravate load shedding in Quetta and elsewhere.

The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) claimed responsibility for blowing up the gas pipeline. Its spokesman who introduced himself as Sarbaz Baloch said that the attack was carried out in retaliation for extra-judicial killings of our innocent youth by the security agencies. He vowed that such attacks will continue in future as well.

The BRA has targeted gas pipelines and gas wells during the past several days. “A 20-inch diameter pipeline was blown up early on Friday which connects 10 gas wells to a major gas purification plant in Dera Bugti district,” Home Secretary Akbar Durrani told Reuters.

The pipeline had connected 10 gas wells to a major gas purification plant in Dera Bugti district. It was not clear how much of the plant’s production was disrupted or how much gas the wells supplied. Militants also blew up a gas well in Uch district, as reported by Dawn Newspaper.

Two electricity towers were blown up in Dera Murad Jamali: Two 220-KV electricity towers were blown up in Chhatar area of district Naseerabad on Wednesday. According to the Levies Force, unknown men placed explosive materials beside the electricity pylons which destroyed two pylons. The electricity to several areas has been suspended after the attack on electric towers.

Sarbaaz Baloch of BRA claimed the responsibility for the attack and alleged that seven pylons were targeted among them five have been completely destroyed.

On Thursday night BLA fighters also attacked the MARI GAS COMPANY in Khost area of Harnayee in Balochistan. The deputy commissioner of area while confirming the attack said that seven rockets have been fired on a gas exploration company from nearby mountains. However, no losses of life or damage to any property were reported.

The BLA accepted responsibility for the attack and warned gas exploration multi-national companies to stop working in Balochistan. They also warned some locals of the area to stop collaborating with the gas companies otherwise they’ll also be targeted.

Both Baloch resistance organisations, the BRA and BLA, have warned the multinational Oil and gas exploration companies to stop working in Balochistan. “No international companies will be allowed to work in Balochistan against the will of the Baloch people”.