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Balochistan poetess, lecturer receives life threats

QUETTA: Renowned Balochistan poetess and lecturer at Sardar Bhadur Khan Women's University, Nusheen Qambrani, came under attack by unknown armed men on Qambrani Road late last night who threatened to kidnap and kill her daughter, the police confirmed.

Qambrani told the media that for the last four days, unknown men in a car bearing no number plate had been visiting her house when she was present.

“They threatened my domestic workers and my family, and said that they wanted to kill me,” Qambrani said, adding that she does not know who the men were or what they wanted.

She claimed that the same people have threatened her several times in the past, and was confused as to who would be unhappy with her since she was only a lecturer.

Qambrani appealed to the government to take notice of the threats.

Meanwhile, a large number of women staged a protest outside the Quetta Press Club on Wednesday condemning the attack on Qambrani.

The protesting women were carrying placards, banners and chanted slogans against the government.

They urged the judiciary to take a suo motu notice and hold a high-level investigation to identify the culprits.

Qambrani is the daughter of famous Baloch intellectual, late Prof Nadir Qambrani, who had spent his youth years in self-exile in Afghanistan. On his return, he had joined the Balochistan University as a lecturer till his retirement.

Last year Balochistan University’s Prof. Saba Dashtiyari was killed by unknown men.