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Nasrullah Baloch asks Chief Justice of Pakistan to hear the cases of missing persons

The Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Nasrullah Baloch has asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a commission for recording the statements made by families of missing persons and has asked that the Justice himself hear these cases. He said the commission that was formed for missing persons was doing nothing except advocating the stance of intelligence agencies and that federal and the provincial governments are also not sincere about the missing persons cases.

VBMP Chairman Nasrullah Baloch was speaking at the Quetta Press Club, along with Sami Baloch, where family members of the missing persons are holding a sit-in protest against the illegal abductions of their love ones by state intelligence agencies. Talking to the media, Sami Rind said his cousin Altaf Rind was abducted at gun point along with two friends by intelligence agencies on June 7, 2012, while traveling from Ziarat to Quetta. Sami said that are were afraid for his cousin Altaf's life, lest he met the same fate as his elder brother, Sameer Rind, whose mutilated body was received by the family following his abduction.

Sami said plain clothes intelligence agency personnel, accompanied by policemen, abducted his cousin. He appealed to international human rights organizations to play their role in pressing Pakistan to release his cousin, along with other abducted Baloch missing persons.

Chairman Nasrullah Baloch said the abduction-like arrest of Altaf Rind, the District Coordinator for Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in Mand, along with his two friends, is proof that there has been no let up in abductions of Baloch people till today.

He said prior to this the mutilated dead bodies of another two coordinators of VBMP from Mastung district, Faqir Ajiz and Yasin Baloch from Kalat, were received following their abductions. Nasrullah Baloch said the Chief Justice of Pakistan is the only hope for the Baloch nation has for the save recovery of their missing persons. He said he refused to submit his statement to retired IG police of Punjab because of presence of secret agency representative in the investigation committee who would never allow the cases to be submitted against them.

He asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a commission comprised of standing judges to record the statements of missing persons’ relatives and that he himself conduct the hearings.

He said his organization had no political motives. He said the statement that has been issued against his organization by the current commission head is regrettable. He said the accusations that detailed information of the missing persons had not been compiled, is not correct.

Previously the family members of missing persons, including Gaffar Lango, submitted their statements before the committees, but the end result was that they received their mutilated dead bodies.

Currently the head of commission is in a panic because families of missing persons have refused to appear before the commission.

The chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons accused the head of the commission of praising the government because he has his eye on the chairmanship of the now vacant post of the Pakistan Election Commission.

Translated by Archen Baloch.

Source: Dailytawar