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State intensifies under-custody killings in Balochistan

Panjgur: Pakistan military and intelligence agencies have accelerated the kill and dump policy after failed elections in Balochistan. The tortured and mutilated bodies of two Baloch youth were found dumped in Karachi over the past two days.

At least three dead bodies have reportedly been found elsewhere in Balochistan in the past three days.

According to sources the bullet-ridden body of a previously abducted Baloch youth was found in Sarjani town area of Karachi on Tuesday morning. The body was later identified as that of Zaheer Baloch, an activist of Baloch Republican Party and son of BRP’s central organizing body leader Advocate Anwar Baloch.

Zaheer Baloch was abducted along with two other Baloch activists Hafeez Baloch and Ateeq Baloch by personnel of the armed forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan from the Panjgur area on April 24, 2013. The dead body of Hafeez Baloch was found the next day (on April 25) in Turbat while Ateeq Baloch is still missing and any hope of him returning alive is fading as the state has intensified the kill and dump policy in Balochistan.

The body of Amanullah Mengal was found in Mongchar area of Kalat district in Balochistan. Mr Mengal was abducted three day ago from Mongchar. The family of Amanullah Mengal blocked the Quetta-Karachi highway to protest the cold-blooded murder of their beloved relative.

Earlier on Sunday 02/06/2013 the body of Umer Abdul Ghani was recovered in Karachi. Mr Ghani was also a resident of the Panjgur area of Balochistan. His date of abduction has not been confirmed.

Another dead body was found in Hub town of Balochistan on Monday. The identity of the male has not been determined yet and remains in a morgue for identification. On the same day another unidentified body was reportedly found in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan.

Separately, the dead body of Basit Baloch was found in the Mand Bullo area of Balochistan on Tuesday. The victim was identified as Basit, the son of Yaqoob Baloch. Basit was abducted from Mand Bullo on Monday night. The abductors were reportedly motorcycle riders.

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