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Tortured body of previously abducted Baloch youth found, six more abducted

From Balochwarna:

Quetta: The mutilated body of a 15 year-old Baloch student was found in the Soraap area of Washuk in Balochistan on Monday.

According to sources Pakistani security agencies abducted Muslim Baloch, son of Master Imam-ul-Deen Baloch, around seven month ago when he, along with his family, was traveling to Khuzdar.

Young Mr Baloch was a student of class 9 and a member of the Baloch Student Organisation (Azad).

The BSO-Azad in a statement paid tributes to their teenage member and said he followed the path of his other comrades who were killed by the state earlier.

The BSO-Azad statement also strongly criticised Dr Malik, the Chief Minister of Balochistan and Hasil Benzinjo: “The discovery of the body of Muslim Baloch exposed the lies of National Party leaders.”

A few days ago Hasil Bezinjo had claimed in an interview with the BBC Urdu that the National Party government had successfully ended the kill and dump policy that led to the recovery of tortured and mutilated bodies.

Separately, two people including a government employee and a member of Baloch National Party (Mengal), were killed in separate incidents in Balochistan.

According to official sources, unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on Revenue Department Superintendent Abdul Hakeem Shahwani, killing him on the spot.

In another incident, unidentified attackers gunned down Muhammad Gul, the BNP candidate for local bodies’ polls in Khuzdar near Arbab Complex.

More raids and arrests

Meanwhile sources reported that Pakistani forces conducted military offensives in the Daypaal area of Dera Bugti and abducted at least six people.

Pakistani forces harassed women and children during the search operation and abducted six people including Lalo Bugti, Rafiq Bugti, Safdar Bugti and Mohammad Khan Bugti.

According to Balochistan local media sources the military officials set Lalo Bugti’s houses on fire after abducting him.

Pakistan military personnel also reportedly attacked the houses of the Marri Baloch people in the Rakhni area of Balochistan on Monday morning.

Local sources reported that no arrested were made but Pakistani security forces looted houses and took away valuables, including one motorcycle.

According to the Urdu blog Humgaam, the forces abused Baloch women, harassed children and entered the houses without search warrants.