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Spurious symbols

thumbnail imageI do not understand why pieces of apparel have to be given the status of cultural symbols; only those countries and nations that are culturally bankrupt need to impose them as symbols. This symbolism also reveals the inherent feeling of inferiority and the consequent need to make them appear as important and necessary

Ganging up

thumbnail imageStates with resisting minorities have found it convenient to label them as sectarian, criminal and terrorist to discredit their struggle and to justify the atrocities and crimes committed against them. The Iranian state has long denied the Baloch their rights and suppressed them but the resistance has continued

Is Letting Pakistan Collapse An Option?

thumbnail imageThe fear of Pakistan becoming a failed State prevents the US from acting tough against it. Soft options have failed to nudge Pakistan into acting against the terrorists. Hard options such as the denial of military and economic assistance are avoided lest there be a collapse of the State of Pakistan. The time has come to examine whether the collapse of Pakistan is something to be dreaded.

Editorial: Spare HRCP, At Least

thumbnail imageThe “kidnapping” of Siddiq Eido, a senior journalist and an activist of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and his friend Mohammad Yousaf from Pasni is very disturbing. It simply shows a new depressing dimension of the worsening conflict in Balochistan under which the media and human rights activists are being systematically targeted presumably by forces affiliated with the government.

A new social contract?

thumbnail imageThe Baloch have suffered immeasurably for their rights and there seems to be no end to it because there is a systematic and concerted attempt to thwart the Baloch attempts to secure these rights. In such a scenario, speaking about ‘new social contracts’ is absolutely futile

¡Viva WikiLeaks! Baloch supporters ditto Michael Moore's reaction

thumbnail imageCountless bullets through Baloch brains have been unable to move human rights organizations, diplomats or mainstream media journalists to note anything more than weak protests over gross human rights violations committed by the Pakistani military and security agencies in the Baloch province of Pakistan.

Abdul Sattar Purdely: Baloch intellectual from Afghanistan

thumbnail image"Since the division of our territory in three we have faced terrible episodes of repression."

Hospitals in Helmand hot zone treat more 'collateral' patients

thumbnail imageA visit to the two hospitals in the war-torn Helmand region of Afghanistan exposes the horrors that innocent civilians, so-called collateral damage caught in the crossfire, experience in modern wartime.

If I am to be Gandhi, a Baloch Perspective

thumbnail imageThey said they are Socialists and want Socialism. They were accused of being unwise; their existence was unwanted. The Master turned blind to them but how fortunate that they came across Micaville and Chanakya’s write-ups. They are appreciated now and Master has started liking them because they are Capitalist men in Socialist men’s bodies.

Analysis: Schamlosigkeit!

thumbnail imageThe respect that the Arab princes and rulers accord to the rulers and politicians here is apparent from the choice epithets used for them in WikiLeaks. Some are considered dirty but not dangerous and others are dangerous but not dirty, and yet these shameless people go grovelling to their liege lords like serfs and subjects

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