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Pakistan divides U.S. and India

thumbnail imageWashington should stop providing Islamabad with weaponry that can be used against India and take a realistic view of the reasons for Indian-Pakistani tensions.

An analysis of Balochistan’s facts, yesterday, today and tomorrow

thumbnail imageOn 4th August 1947, a tripartite agreement was signed between Pakistan, the British and Balochistan called The Standstill Agreement in which the sovereign status of Balochistan was accepted. The Khan declared Balochistan independent on 12th August 1947, two days before the independence of Pakistan. The Khan affirmed his intention to build Balochistan as a prosperous sovereign country in which Baloch could retain their identity and live in accordance with their traditions and establish relations through treaties of friendship with neighboring states of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan as well as with India and outside world.

Balochistan’s relentless quest for freedom

thumbnail imagen the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the national struggle in Balochistan had a strong socialist content. The overtones of revolutionary socialism in this nationalist movement had attracted not just the Baloch youth but also inspired young students from the Punjab and other areas who travelled from far and wide to join this résistance

The good doctor

thumbnail imageUnbeknownst to even most residents of Pakistan, the country’s military has unleashed a new phase of systemic violence upon Balochistan. The apparent reason this time around is Dr Allah Nazar, a former chairman of the Baloch Students’ Organisation (BSO), whom the military intends to ‘remove’.

From before: Killing fields of Karachi

thumbnail imageActivists and workers of political parties have been gunned down practically on a daily basis for nearly two years now. Also in the crosshair are ordinary people, who are being targeted for no apparent reason except their ethnicity.

An ass it was and an ass it will always be

thumbnail imageUnfortunately, the horizon is bleak and the situation across the board is pathetic. There is not much around on which hopes can be pinned. Some actors are new but most have been around for donkeys of years, pun intended, and always have had their snouts in the trough.

Jumping to Conclusions

thumbnail imageBoth facts and figures are integral to drawing a conclusion about anything. One who ignores both and jumps directly to the conclusion will likely be a victim of illusory facts and disfigured proofs. Facts related to Balochistan or the Baloch nation are all clear cut and spread across the table for the public to view, but unfortunately, an opaque cover has been spread in front of it to befuddle international powers, causing them to draw the wrong conclusions in this manufactured world of terror.

The camel’s lip

thumbnail imageSardar Raisani deludes himself so often that it is difficult to take him seriously at all. He overlooks the fact that when even his orders regarding provincial matters are dismissively countermanded, how can he offer services as an independent entity to NATO and the ISAF?

And Who Will Guard the Guards?

thumbnail imageThe Americans have not paid much attention to the Baloch needs yet. So the question of who would support America in Balochistan is confusing. No doubt, the U.S government will need the support of Balochistan against the religious fanatics. Now, with the Tori embankment breach– the latest in Baloch complaints and misgivings against Pakistani leadership, believed to be ordered by Washington– one can imagine that the Balochs will be far from cooperative.

The State Equilibrium of Pakistan

thumbnail imageThe patience of the Punjabi military of Pakistan is wearing thin. The reasons are obvious: Pakistan has become a bedridden man and all its vital organs have ceased to function properly. But its inept PPP rulers are insisting that they can fix it with the help of foreign aid.

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