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14-year old victim of extra-judicial killing in Pakistan; 3 more abductions

thumbnail imageDecomposed body of 14-year-old boy found in the mountains of Mastung

Pakistan's spy agency ISI faces court over disappearances

thumbnail imageInter-Services Intelligence accused of kidnapping and torturing 11 men, four of whom have been found dead

Pakistan Cracks Down on Internet Activism

thumbnail imageSana Saleem: Pakistan plans Chinese style firewall to block activists

The international community must address the discovery of mass-graves found in Baluchistan

thumbnail imageMr. Sher Muhammad said that on December 27, 2010, nineteen Baluch men, including his brother Shahnawaz Bugti, were abducted from Sui, Dera Bugti, by Pakistani forces. On the December 29th, 2010, his brother Shawnawaz and another abductee's bodies were found.

Baloch journalist receives threats from ISI

thumbnail imageccording to reports received by the Sri Lanka Guardian, a banned militant organization, said to be an arm of the ISI, threatened the Guardian correspondent in Balochistan.

Protest Against Baloch Genocide: Hundreds Join the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Rally

thumbnail imageAbdul Qadeer Baloch said despite the government’s claims of releasing abducted Baloch activists, the number of abductions and dumping of bullet-ridden bodies has increased.

Pakistani military aerial bombardment in Sui and Dera Bugti: scores of unarmed civilians killed

thumbnail imagePakistani security forces have been bombing several villages near Sui and Dera Bugti all day on Wednesday.

Transcript: Mehran Baluch and Ms. Nina Petek speak at United Nations HR council 14-03-2012

thumbnail imagePakistan protests Ms. Nina Petek's address to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Security forces abducted 10 members of same family including three children

thumbnail imageThe International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP) is organising a protest demonstration outside the Human Rights Action Center office of the Amnesty International in London on 30 April 2011. The aim of our protest is to draw the attention of Amnesty International and other International Human Rights Organisations towards the plight of Baloch enforced disappeared families’ struggle for the release of their loved ones.

Mehran Baluch speaks at United Nations HR council 09-03-2012

thumbnail imagePakistan protests Mehran Baluch's address to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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