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Father From Panjgur Seeks Missing Son’s Release

thumbnail imageQUETTA: President of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), Nasrullah Baloch, has said that the issue of missing persons was worsening with each passing day as about 100 missing persons had been killed during past seven months in the official custody.

Supreme Court should hear cases of extrajudicial killings of disappeared persons

thumbnail imageDisappearances in Pakistan have become a routine matter and it has been accepted by the authorities as a normal practice of the law enforcement agencies, including the army and its intelligence agencies. The major political parties, who are in sizeable numbers in the parliament, are also silent on the issue of enforced disappearances and torture in military detention cells. The distress caused by the disappearances is that, despite the departure of the government of President Musharraf, the menace continues under the present civilian government. On average, every month at least five or six persons are abducted and disappeared by plain clothed persons in Balochistan alone. This is frequently done in the presence of police officers who then refuse to lodge FIRs saying that the intelligence agencies are involved.

Pakistan continues abductions, kill and dump policy of Baloch student and political activists

thumbnail imageTwo bullet-riddled bodies found near Turbat, three missing person found in severely injured condition, BRP member attack and wounded in Mashky, a resident of Pasi town of Balochistan has been abducted from Hub town.

Save Balochistan Campaign: The Occupying States’ Ongoing Crimes in Baluchistan

thumbnail imageIn the artificially structured boundaries of the states of Pakistan and Iran one thing that has no value is human lives. Both states are equipped to their teeth with modern armaments, Jihadist mercenaries and a medieval religious creed. They have used this cocktail of destruction to justify their untold atrocities. The Baluch people under illegal occupation of these unruly states have been among those who have suffered the most. Many hundreds and thousands of Baluch political and social activists have been abducted, displaced, tortured, disappeared and killed by these occupying states.

Three bullet-riddled bodies found in Khuzdar

thumbnail imageQUETTA: Three bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons were found on Thursday in the Ferozabad area of Khuzdar district, Levies officials said.

More than 90 Baloch have been killed in last 7 months: Voice for Baloch Missing Persons

thumbnail imageVBMP (Voice for Baloch Missing Person), an organisation comprised of the families of Baloch enforced disappeared persons, showed grave concern kill and dump policy of the state and constant recovery of decomposed bodies of Baloch activists under-custody. A statement issued by the Organisation further said that Only in the last 7 months they had have been “GIFTED” more than 90 decomposed bodies. Ironically the International human rights organisations are turning a blind eye on such heinous crime of the state and their silence on these human right violations in Balochistan is beyond imaginations.

Bullet-riddled bodies of two disappeared Baloch found including a famous Balochi folk singer

thumbnail imageA bullet-riddled body of famous Balochi [Brahvi] folk singer Ali Jan Issazai was found in Kanak area of Khuzdar district, some 300-kilometer southeast of Balochistan’s capital, on Monday.

ISI hires Afghan journalist to kill Indian envoy, Baloch leader

thumbnail imageNawab Momand, an Afghan journalist, who was hired by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to assassinate India's ambassador to Afghanistan Jayant Prasad as well as a Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti, fled to India on January 24, 2011, after threats from the organisation.

Vancouver Baloch activists protest in front of US Consulate

thumbnail imageBaloch Human Rights Council (Canada) and the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons staged a peaceful rally today in front of the US Consulate to express their concern over the gross human rights violations in Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan.

Six more persons go missing after arrest and abductions; a student's bullet riddled body found

thumbnail imageThe Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a woman, Ms. Hanifa Bibi, was arrested by the police and men in plain clothes during a raid at her house for the search of her husband, Mr. Awal Khan Bugti, on January 18; since then her whereabouts are unknown. A government officer was also kidnapped by plain clothed men while he was returning home from his office in Kalat city of Balochistan. In another incident four students were arrested by personnel of the Frontier Corp (FC) when they were taking lunch at a friend's house. Since then the whereabouts of the arrested persons are unknown.

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