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Urgent Appeal to Save the Life of a Baloch Journalist in Pakistan

thumbnail imageBaloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has released an urgent appeal to save the life of Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan, General Secretary of Gwadar Press Club and former Information Secretary of BNM. Mr. Rehan is a journalist of rare courage and a colleague of Abdul Hameed Hayatan whose bullet-ridden body was found after his abduction by the Pakistani security forces. BHRC appeal has been sent out to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, U.N., international organizations of journalists, congressional representatives, members of parliaments, and world leaders in Europe, Canada, and U.S.

Tracing the disappeared

thumbnail imageTHE report of the judicial commission set up last year to probe cases of involuntary disappearances has not been officially released. But the extracts from it carried by the media contain enough evidence of gross abuse of power by the intelligence and law-enforcing agencies that no modern government can choose to ignore.

Balochistan: ‘72 bullet-riddled bodies found in six months’ VBMP

thumbnail imageSeventy-two bullet-riddled bodies of young men have been found in Balochistan in the past six months, according to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP).

Lest we forget

thumbnail imageZakir Majeed, Abdul Hamid Jamal, Mehboob Wadhela, Faiz Mohammad Marri and hundreds of other Baloch — it is impossible to name all — are missing. The unrestrained impunity with which they are disappeared, tortured and then thrown along highways just shows the epoch that the perpetrators suppose they live in

Pakistan's security agencies extend middle finger to the Obama adminstration

thumbnail imageThe Obama administration and State Department may not yet realize it, but Pakistan's security agencies have just delivered their opinion of the New York Times-delivered public scolding.

Baloch Hal Editorial: Too Much!

thumbnail imageThose who were hoping that 2010 would gradually see an improvement in the state of affairs in Balochistan now have to review their opinion. In the first week of the new year, three more missing Baloch persons’ bullet-riddled dead bodies have been recovered from the province. This comes a week after the publication of a report in The New York Times saying that the Obama Administration was alarmed about the growing enforced disappearances in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan.

I am Jamal Baloch: Personal Testimony of An Abduction

thumbnail imageI appeal to the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Arab League, the European Nation and other human rights organizations to take note: a student like me has been abducted and tortured. There are thousands of other innocent young students in Balochistan who are also missing, being brutally tortured and killed. No one is drawing attention to all these inhumane activities of the Pakistani army. - Jamal Baloch, 2010

Three bullet-riddled bodies found: Khuda Raheem Bangulzai, Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch

thumbnail imageLevy forces found a brutally tortured body near Koshik on the Quetta-Taftan road and have shifted the body to district headquarters in Mastung for identification.

Journalist and HRCP Activist Siddiq Eidho and Yousaf Baloch Abducted near Gwadar

thumbnail imagePASNI: In another case of ‘enforced disappearance’ of a journalist in Balochistan, a senior member of Pasni Press Club Mohammad Siddiq Eidho and one of his friends Yosuaf Baloch were whisked away by what the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) blamed as personnel working for the country’s intelligence agencies.

Senior Journalist Killed in Khuzdar

thumbnail imageThe President of Khuzdar Press Club and a senior journalist Mohammad Khan Sasoli has been killed, police confirmed.

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