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Sanaullah Baloch Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur Karlos Zurutuza Selig Harrison Malik Siraj Akbar Zaffar Baloch Sanaullah Baloch: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth... Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: Negligent dereliction of duty... Karlos Zurutuza: Inside Iran's Most Secretive... Selig Harrison: The Chinese Cozy Up... Malik Siraj Akbar: Remembering Qambar Chakar... Zaffar Baloch: Balochistan's Burden...

Wronged souls don’t vanish: an obituary of Zaman Khan Marri

thumbnail imageMir Mohammad Ali Talpur – Zaman Khan Chalgari Marri, a practicing lawyer, was kidnapped on August 19, along with another lawyer Munir Ahmed Mirwani from Quetta. On September 6, his mutilated body was found in Mastung. He leaves behind an inconsolable wife, seven daughters, a son, a grieving family and an angry Baloch nation.

Global HR Issues - The crimewave that shames the world, by Robert Fisk

thumbnail imageIt's one of the last great taboos: the murder of at least 20,000 women a year in the name of 'honour'. Nor is the problem confined to the Middle East: the contagion is spreading rapidly

London: International Voice for Baloch Missing Person protests against enforced disappearances in Baluchistan

thumbnail imageInternational Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has held a 5 hours long protest against enforced disappearances of Baluch student and political activists. The aim of the protest was to highlight the issue of growing forced-disappearing of Baloch political leaders and activists by Pakistani and Iranian authorities.

From the Baloch nightmare to the British "Guantanamo"

thumbnail imageI was born in Western Balochistan. My family lives on both sides of what some people call “the border between Iran and Pakistan.” The name of my village is Kohak, and it is quite close to Panjgur town of Eastern Baluchistan (Pakistan-occupied Balochistan). Kohak was originally located in Pakistan, but our villagers tell us that one day they awoke to find themselves Iranian—the town had been given to the Shah of Iran. Nobody knows when the transfer officially took place.

New CIA Docs Detail Brutal "Extraordinary Rendition" Process

thumbnail imageDeep among the documents released to the ACLU on Monday afternoon was a curious memo dated 30 December 2004 and directed to Dan Levin, then acting head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. The fax cover sheet has a brief note, "Dan, a generic description of the process." The name of the sender, based at the CIA, has been obliterated.

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