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French artist depicts human rights violations in Balochistan

thumbnail imageA week long arts presentation showcasing human rights violation in Balochistan by Pakistan was organized by Baloch Voice Foundation in Grenoble, France, from May 22 at the Cafe echange le Nicodem

Balochistan Police Acquires Video Evidence of FC’s Involvement in Illegal Detentions

thumbnail imageMr. Hamid Shakil, the Deputy Inspector General of the Balochistan Police, informed the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday that the Police had attained video evidence from the close-circuit cameras of a local hotel in Quetta showing FC personnel illegally whisking away three missing Baloch persons. They were picked up from the hotel, put into an FC vehicle and taken to an unknown location, the top police officer informed the apex court.

Financial Times: Hidden war embodies Pakistan’s struggle

thumbnail imageSince his son’s broken body was found on a patch of wasteland six months ago, the former bank clerk has emerged as an unlikely hero of the struggle against an epidemic of disappearances sweeping Baluchistan, a province in south-west Pakistan.

Transcripts from May 24 discussion on Baloch nationalist movement at Oxford University Pakistan Society

thumbnail imageTranscripts from May 24 discussion on Baloch nationalist movement at Oxford University Pakistan Society

Enforced disappearance: JSMM’s Muzaffar Bhutto found dead after going missing for more than a year

thumbnail imageSaima Bhutto told The Express Tribune that Muzaffar was severely tortured and underwent spinal surgery soon after he was released from police custody. “He was neither a terrorist nor a criminal,” she said, claiming that all the cases against him were fabricated as he was acquitted on all charges. “He was a qualified engineer and a political activist working for the rights of people living in Sindh.”

Baloch journalist Razzaq Gul bullet-riddled body found in Turbat

thumbnail imageQUETTA: The bullet-riddled body of a journalist was found dumped in a deserted area near Turbat city in Kech district on Saturday morning. At least 17 journalists have been killed in Balochistan during the last three years.

Oslo Freedom Forum brings together the global human rights movement

thumbnail imageIf the global human-rights movement were to create its own unified representative body, it would look something like this.

UNPO Speaks Out Against New Arrests of Baloch People

thumbnail imageUNPO's General Secretary Marino Busdachin speaks out in the following statement against new arrests of up to sixty Baloch people in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Enforced disappearances: Chief Justice says 95% of cases involve the FC

thumbnail imageNot a single attacker has been arrested through investigations by police and the Frontier Corps in the nearly 2,000 terrorist attacks across Balochistan since 2011.

BSO-Azad releases the Human rights report of the first Quarter of 2012 in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe largest and most active Baloch student Organisation, BSO-Azad, in Balochistan has released the report of on-going Human Rights Violation of first four months of the 2012.

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