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‘Every time a leader seeks apology, killings increase in Balochistan’

Several politicians have, over the last few weeks, stressed the importance of an official reconciliation with the people of Balochistan. Recently, Nawaz Sharif has also brought this issue to the forefront, and has met with a number of Baloch leaders in an effort to apologize to, and reconcile with, the Balochi people. The people, however, do not seem to care if Pakistan Muslim League’s (N) chief is against the abductions of Baloch people. “He realized it quite late,” says Abdul Qadir Baloch, who is the head of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VOMBP), on Saturday.

Qadir has come to Karachi, even though he faces death threats, to protest against the abductions of Baloch persons from Quetta.

Sitting in a camp outside Karachi Press Club which is surrounded by pictures of those missing, Qadir Baloch says that he will not go until “there is someone who can speak the truth with him.”

Among the pictures was one of a woman, who Qadir says is just one of the 150 women who have gone missing in recent years.

Apart from that, there are 169 children who were abducted along with their mothers from Vinder, near Hub Chowki, he informs.

On the recent meetings of the PML (N) chief with various Baloch leaders, Qadir says that it is nothing more than “political point scoring.”

“I want to ask him just one thing: can he bring back my son?”

Venting his anger on other politicians who do the same, Qadir says that every time a politician apologizes to the Baloch people, “the killings increase.”

Giving examples, he said that last year an influential man in Quetta informed the parents of Sami Mengal that their son had been abducted by the security agencies.

After speaking to some people within the security agency, he was given confirmation that Mengal had indeed been abducted by them and that he would be sent back home shortly. He informed Mengal’s parents immediately after.

Mengal’s parents kept waiting for the return of their son, until one day there was an announcement in a nearby mosque that their son had been found dead in a neighborhood dump.

“Can you imagine anyone believing in these apologies anymore?”

Qadir says that he speaks for all those who come to him for help while looking for their loved ones.

Qadir, who was accompanied by his five-year-old grandson, said that he will continue the struggle to bring back missing persons until he is killed.

The VOMBP will continue the sit in for two months and plans to hold similar sit-ins in other cities as well.