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My brother and other Baloch activists’ names have been removed from Supreme Court’s list – Farzana Majeed Baloch

Farzana Majeed, sister of abducted student leader Zakir Majeed Baloch, urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to find out the reason why her brother and other Baloch activists’ names have been removed from the Supreme Court’s official list of abducted Baloch persons.

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Farzana held a press conference at the Karachi Press Club here on Tuesday. The Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Qadeer Baloch, and relatives of abducted Kabeer Baloch were also present with her at the Press Club.

Ms. Majeed said in the past many years the Pakistani security agencies have abducted over 19000 Baloch including political activists, lawyers and journalists. The relatives of these abducted Baloch have been on constant protest on at press clubs and took rallies on road, and on several occasions they also appeared at Supreme Court to make their plea heard.

The families of enforced-disappeared Baloch have also conducted and successfully completed a Long March from Quetta to Islamabad.

She said: “I am also one of these protesting families because my brother, Zakir Majeed Baloch, was also in custody of Pakistani security agencies. In last five years I have been been running from the pillar to post to seek justice.” Farzana noted that her brother Zakir Majeed was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies on 8 June 2009 from Paring Abad area of Mastung town of Balochistan and that there are people who witnessed his abduction. “If my brother has committed any crimes then he should be brought before the Supreme Court. But from past five years the state agencies have not even once heard my plea to locate the whereabouts of my brother.”

Farzana said her aged mother and rest of the family were agonised because of Zakir Majeed’s abduction and added: “My mother has sent me to every hearing at Supreme Court.”

She reminded that the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Justice Jawad had ordered the intelligence agencies of Pakistan to release her brother along with several other abducted Baloch. But, she said, it is sad to hear after their long march many names of missing persons including Zakir Majeed were removed from the official list of missing persons and Supreme Court order list.

The other names include Mushtaq Baloch, Kabeer Baloch, Attaullah Baloch and Saadullah Baloch. “We conducted the long march for the safe release of our loved ones but the so called champions of justice and human rights have even removed the cases of Baloch political activists including my other Zakir Majeed,” She said.

Ms. Majeed asked: “Can justice Jawad tell us why the doors of this institution for justice [Supreme Court] are being shut for us? Has Justice Jawad forgotten my plea and the tear of Kabeer Baloch’s mother?”

She also questioned the silence of civilised world on plight of Baloch people and the peaceful long march of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons for justice and freedom and appealed the United Nations, International Community, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international humanitarian organisations to take notice of enforced-disappearances in Balochistan and play their role for the safe release of her brother Zakir Majeed and thousands of other abducted Baloch.