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Losing a generation: 111 of every 1,000 children in Balochistan die before age 5

thumbnail imageChild mortality rates in Balochistan are the highest in the country, with 111 children of every 1,000 births dying before they reach their fifth birthday. Ninety-seven of these children do not make it to the age of 1 year.

Five Baloch activists killed and several injured in Kech military operation

thumbnail imageAt least five unarmed civilians were killed and several others, including women and children, were injured in a military operation in the Pidarak area of Balochistan...

Vacant posts: Wanted - officers to command FC in Balochistan

thumbnail imageAt least 359 FC personnel lost their lives and 928 were injured in militant attacks in last seven years, the documents revealed.

Top US delegation meets exiled Baloch leaders

thumbnail imageLONDON: A delegation of the US Congressmen accompanied by top official from the US State Department met two exiled Baloch leaders and assured them of the open and clandestine help in their activities in Balochistan and abroad. Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Khan Dawood and Hyrbyair Marri held talks with a delegation of US congressmen at a central London location.

Government planning operation in settled areas

thumbnail imageThe federal government is planning a targeted operation against banned outfits in the country’s settled areas — including Punjab — as part of its wider strategy to combat extremism and militancy, The Express Tribune has learnt.

Controversial ordinance: ‘PPO will turn Pakistan into security state’

thumbnail imageISLAMABAD: Eleven senior administration officials and their paramilitary Levies guards who were kidnapped by Baloch insurgents in Kech district between late Thursday and early Friday have been freed by their captors, the Balochistan government’s spokesperson said on Saturday.

Afghan Taliban turns Quetta to a safe heaven

thumbnail imageTalibanisation is gaining momentum in South Western Balochistan province and has reached a dangerous level in the region. The Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, Afghan Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have joined hands with each other, in a move seen as extremely harmful for the region in the near future as Western troops prepare to leave the war-torn nation.

Half of Balochistan deprived of education, says official

thumbnail imageHalf of Balochistan's population is deprived of education with the literacy rate in some far-flung areas as low as ten per cent.

Pakistan's Balochs march to protest 'disappearances' (with video coverage)

thumbnail imageFor a week now, members of Pakistan’s Baloch community have been on a march from Karachi to Islamabad, the country’s capital. Their goal is to condemn the disappearance of many individuals of Baloch origin, for which they blame the Pakistani military.

Military Massacare in RD-238 area of Jaffarabad - 11 members of a family killed in assault

thumbnail imageThe Pakistan military, in an act of aggression near the RD-238 area of Jafarabad, has killed 11 members of a single family and injured several others, including women and children.

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