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Paris: Balochistan issues raised at "Raw Materials and International Relations" conference-debate

thumbnail image"The Balochistan issue is a test case for the international community" – Munir Mengal

Tarek Fateh blasts Pakistan army on Bilatakalluf with Tahir Gora (Urdu)

thumbnail imageTarek Fateh interview with host Tahir Gora on Bilatakalluf

Italian government addresses issue of journalist Francesca Marino detention in Pakistan

thumbnail imageOn December 22, 2011, the Italian Government officially discussed the detention of journalist Frances Marino in Pakistan. Below is a google translation of the proceedings posted at Camera dei deputati.

Polish Euro MP slams Pak's kill, dump policy of journalists, other civilians in Balochistan

thumbnail imageA Polish Euro MP has condemned Pakistan's kill and dump policy of journalists and other civilians in Balochistan. Ryszard Czarnecki, Member of the European Parliament and the Chairman of the Friends of Balochistan in the European Parliament, said the Pakistani Government claims that the number of missing persons in Balochistan has declined; it is only because many of them have lately been found dead.

Italian journalist Francesca Marino expelled from Pakistan

thumbnail imageItalian journalist Francesca Marino was detained at Pakistan's Karachi airport after authorities discovered her name had been added to a blacklist of unwelcome journalists. Her account of the event has been published both in Pakistan and in Italy.

Anarchy in Balochistan

thumbnail imageTensions in Balochistan between nationalist elements and security forces seem to be soaring. Soon we may not be far from a situation similar to the one we saw in the 2000s, when what amounted to all-out-war rocked the province

Baloch reject report on agencies’ role in missing persons

thumbnail imageNasrullah Baloch: “We do not want compensation, but our loved ones. Our demand is only to that missing people be returned and tried in a court of law.” He torched the forms provided by the federal government for compensation money in protest.

Major among 14 FC troops killed in Musa Khel ambush

thumbnail imageThe incident took place near Bahlol Basti and Kingari in Musa Khel district where a coalmine project was initiated on August 12. Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had inaugurated the project.

Khan of Kalat slams government

thumbnail imageDaud said he appealed to the Balochs across the globe to gather under the "Balochi flag" as they were close to achieving their objective.

BalochVoice and other websites report Pakistani military operations underway

thumbnail image[T]he Pakistan military has started an operation in the vicinity of Mach, particularly Margat, Degari and Peer-Ismaeel. Pakistani military vehicles, laden with sophisticated long-range missiles and other weapons, entered Baloch-populated areas from three different points this morning.

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