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Dr. Wahid Baloch addresses 2011 Balochistan International Conference, Washington, DC

thumbnail imageIt is time for the Obama administration to initiate a dialogue with the Baloch people and explore how we can help to secure a stable Middle East and south Asia. We have bases, a strategic 900 miles of warm water coastline, energy routes and oil and gas reserves. An independent Baloch has a lot to offer in return. A secular, independent and democratic Balochistan is in the interest of the larger cause of liberty, human rights and democracy.

Dr. Jumma Marri addresses 2011 Balochistan International Conference, Washington, DC

thumbnail imageThis conference has been convened to appeal to the world and in particular to the United States of America and its inhabitants to not forget or forsake the Baloch struggle simply because it is lacks the public relations ability that others have.

ISI listed as terrorist organization by U.S. authorities

thumbnail imageThe following is a list of terrorist and terrorist support entities identified as associate forces. This list is not all inclusive but provides the primary organizations encountered in the reporting from and about JTF-GTMO detainees (48 Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence Directorate [ISID]).

15, Including Women and Children, Killed in Sibi Bus Fire

thumbnail imageAt least 15 passengers, including eight women, five children and two men, were burnt to death and several others injured seriously late on Monday night when armed men set a Quetta-bound bus on fire near Sibi, some 160km east of here.

Baloch leader stopped from making speech by EU

thumbnail imagePakistan protests Mehran Baluch's address to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Also read January 12, 2011, speech to members of the European parliament

A Timely Balochistan International Conference

thumbnail imageThe Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) is organizing an international conference in Washington DC at the end of April with the objective to internationalize the murky situation in Balochistan. The Khan of Kalat, Mir Suleman Dawood, who is currently on self-exile in the United Kingdom, is expected to attend the event as the chief guest.

2010 US State Department Report on Pakistan

thumbnail imageThe major human rights problems included extrajudicial killings, disappearances,and torture.

Conference on Baloch language and cultural in the United Kingdom

thumbnail imageLondon: Baloch Cultural Society – UK has held a conference on Balochi language and Culture in London United Kingdom. Distinguished speakers shed light on the importance of Balochi language and culture. Veteran Balochi language poet Waja Akbar Barakzai chaired the first half of the conference while the second half was chaired by Hoshang Naruee.

Family of Abdul Qadir Kalmati appeals for help

thumbnail imageThe family of Abdul Qadir Kalmati is seeking support for their son's defense against what they claim to be fabricated charges.

IFJ, CPJ Condemn Abduction of Senior Baloch Journalist in Karachi

thumbnail imageBRUSSELS/ NEW YORK/KARACHI: In two different statements of condemnation, international media watchdogs striving for the freedom of the press and protection of journalists strongly criticized the abduction and manhandling of Mohammad Rafique Baloch, a veteran Karachi-based journalist and the vice-president of the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ).

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