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CAMPACC launches briefings on ‘terrorist’ bans

thumbnail imageLondon: UK bans on organisations deter people from speaking out about injustices in their homelands by prohibiting expressions of solidarity with groups deemed to be “terrorists”. These bans make the UK government complicit with oppressive regimes overseas. New briefing papers explain what this means for four communities– Kurds, Tamils, Baluch and Basques. Produced by CAMPACC in close collaboration with the four communities, the papers put the case for challenging the bans, for lifting them and thus for decriminalising migrant communities here.

Press release by Mehran Baluch, Baloch representative to the UNHRC

thumbnail imageGeneva: Mehran Baluch, the Baloch representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council, has expressed his deep concerns over Human Rights Watch’s recent report.

ICFPD Conference on the role of the state: Democracy, Dictatorship and Extremism

thumbnail imageICFPD hosted a full day discourse on the questions of extremism, terrorism, and conflicts that have plagued South Asia and the neighbouring areas for decades. ICFPD invited the best minds to investigate and examine the correlation between state politics, extremism, and terrorism.

On WikiLeaks, India, Pakistan and a partisan media

thumbnail imageReading through some of the WikiLeaks cables, I have been struck by how easy it might be to take the fragmentary and often outdated information contained in them and make a case to support either side of the India-Pakistan divide. Now it turns out someone did, but without even the support of the underlying cables, according to this version of Pakistani media reports by the Pakistan blog Cafe Pyala of alleged Indian skulduggery, including in Baluchistan.

US urged to involve main Baloch stakeholders not Pak Army in Balochistan issue

thumbnail imageThe main reason we are here today is the very dangerous policy of appeasement being carried out by the U.S. administration with regards to Pakistan military and infamous Inter-Services Intelligence as bared by the latest revelations in WikiLeaks

After two uncles, Mengal's two cousins killed by Pakistan military

thumbnail imagePakistan home minister Rehman Malik called the victims "terrorists" and the Baloch Hal webzine reported "mysterious" blasts from the home in Turbat, but local human rights groups said the Pakistan army had bombarded the house of an uncle of a former Balochistan chief minister and razed it to the ground in full view of the public.

We are arming our nation’s daughters with ideology and a thinking pattern: Banok Karima Baloch

thumbnail imagePakistani security forces are alleged to have dumped the body of eighth grader Abdul Majeed Zehri on Rabia Khuzdari Road, five days after abducting him. Abdul Majeed was picked up by armed men from the Al-Basit medical store, Omar Farooq Chawk, on October 18.

Top Balochistan minister alleges extrajudicial killings

thumbnail imageThe body of a lawyer from the Balochistan capital of Quetta, who was abducted by Pakistan's Military Intelligence last month was found from the nearby town of Mastung Sunday evening.

Baloch Hal editorial: Dead BodyISTAN

thumbnail imageThe recovery of the dead bodies of nine Baloch political workers, students and a journalist from different parts of Balochistan, within only 36 hours has sent shock waves across the province. People’s Eid celebrations were ruined after receiving the bullet-riddled dead bodies of Baloch youth, most of whom were in their 20s. While enraged Balochs decided to observe a complete shutter down and wheel jam strike in many districts of Balochistan, the complete silence of the provincial governor and the chief minister is a testament of the two top officials’ utter indifference towards the sufferings of the indigenous people of this province.

Saving Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan are presently home to a growing number of Baloch dissidents who feel insecure in Pakistan and are disillusioned with Islamabad. One had an opportunity to meet two prominent Baloch figures during a recent visit to London. One was Mir Suleman Dawood Khan, the Khan of Kalat, or Begler Begi (in Balochi language) as the past rulers of the state used to be called. The other was Nawabzada Hyrbyar Marri, the son of veteran Baloch politician Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri. Both no longer see a future for the Baloch people in the federation of Pakistan.

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