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Is Pakistan's Behavior Changing?

thumbnail imagePakistan’s record in fighting terrorism remains dubious. The military opposes terrorism that is directed at itself or other Pakistani state institutions and objectives. But there are other practitioners of terrorism that direct their efforts against India, Afghanistan, and Baloch that the military does not challenge.

Balochistan MPAs press for Sharia law, hijab, ban on mehndis (15 of 65 members attend session)

thumbnail imageQUETTA: If Maulana Abdul Bari Agha had his way, any woman who did not wear the hijab would be punished, television dramas would be banned, any government officer who did not pray five times would be fined and mehndis at weddings would be proscribed.

Fox to guard the chicken coop in Balochistan: Targeted operations on terrorists given go-ahead

thumbnail imageA high-level meeting of the provincial administration of Balochistan has decided to carry out targeted operations on terrorists and their hideouts to restore law and order in the province.

Balochistan being Talibanised, UNHRC told

thumbnail imageGENEVA: Balochistan’s unofficial representative to the United Nations Mehran Baloch has alleged that the restive province is being “Talibanised” by the establishment to further religious and ethnic divisions to weaken the nationalist and progressive forces.

Flooding Maroons 500,000 in Balochistan; 2,000 Houses Destroyed

thumbnail image"International humanitarian organisations, federal government and philanthropists should come forward and assist us in the relief and rehabilitation process," Babar said.

Hyrbyair Marri condemns the killing of Pashtun laborers

thumbnail imageBaloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has strongly condemned the killings of innocent Pashtun laborers near Quetta on Thursday morning. At least nine Pashtun labourer, all of whom belong to Quetta, were killed and five wounded when unknown men attack them in Dasht area of Mastung district in Balochistan.

Khan of Kalat: We will win back the great Noori Nasir Khan's Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe Hazaras have resided in Balochistan for almost a century now, and have never been persecuted in Baluchistan until now. Balochistan has contracted the disease of sectarianism from the Punjab. The Baloch will never endorse anything as heinous as genocide. There is no room for sectarianism, racism and narrow-mindedness in Baloch society.

Rep. Rohrabacher Requests Information on Missing Baluch; Questions Administration's Actions

thumbnail imageThere has been quite a stir since I introduced a resolution this year calling for recognition of the right to self-determination by the people of Baluchistan. I drafted the measure after a Feb. 8 hearing by the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on oversight and investigations that exposed horrific violations of human rights by Pakistan security forces in Baluchistan.

Khan of Kalat Vehemently Contradicts Achakzai’s Claims

thumbnail imageThe Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood has categorically rejected the impression that Pashtuns living in Balochistan are facing social and economic discrimination whereas they are receiving more than their due share from the province’s economy.

Fighting insurgency: Punjab clears swoop on Baloch insurgent camps

thumbnail imagePolice force to be trained on modern lines and armed with sophisticated weapons. As many as 100 surveillance cameras would be installed in different neighbourhoods of Quetta to keep an eye on criminals.

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