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Coverage of Pakistan Army attacks on Kalat, Pangjur and Mashkai areas (recent attacks added below)

Pakistan Army Conducts Ruthless Bombardment of Kalat Region

By Shawn Forbes

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Desperate to secure Chinese investment in the region, Pakistani forces have accelerated their offensive in Balochistan. Pakistan FC began a massive troop deployment this morning in the Kalat area in hopes of orchestrating an “endgame scenario”. Residents in occupied areas of Balochistan witnessed dozens of Cobra Gunship Helicopters, hundreds of military vehicles, and Fighter Jets converging on the Nemargh, Shoor, Parudh, Nushki, & Suraab and other rural districts throughout the Kalat region. BLA Sarmachar arrived soon after the assault began, to rally against occupying State Forces and rescue the besieged villagers. Baloch Sarmachar shot down a Pakistani AH-1 Cobra Gunship Helicopter and killed many FC Soldiers. Although an FC spokesman claimed only 10 soldiers were injured, local residents reported 5 trucks conveying dead FC Soldiers from the combat zone.

Occupational State Forces have also commenced indiscriminate shelling of the rural villages in the Kalat region today. At least 30 residents have been martyred and all livestock slaughtered. One woman was martyred and two other women were severely injured during attacks in the mountainous Paarod Shor district. Pakistani Forces completely destroyed countless homes, including the houses of Meer Hazaar Khan Saasoli, Noor Ahmed Saasoli, Sher Mohmmad Saasoli, & Peer Mohmmad Saasoli.

Over the past several months Pakistani Forces have enacted a co-ordinated multi-pronged military stratagem in Balochistan designed to force the Indigenous Baloch population into the North-Western regions of Balochistan. In the North-East Pakistan FC have continually invaded, bombarded, and since occupied the Dera Bugti regions. Meanwhile Pakistan’s Armed Forces conducted similar operations in the the South-Western areas of Balochistan. The rural Baloch towns; Turbat, Nasirabad, Panjgur, Mashkai and Awaran have all faced heavy bombardment and occupation by large numbers of State Soldiers.

Even now bombardment of Mashkai villages continues unabated. Residents are being detained, interrogated and subjected to acts of torture by Occupational State Forces. At least 8 homes have been reduced to ashes so far during today’s loot & burn operations in the Mashkai region.

The homes and businesses of Indigenous Baloch citizens are invaded, looted and burned. Baloch schools are attacked and occupied. State Forces then proceed to establish camps and bases in the occupied regions from which they stage attacks on the surrounding districts. Subsequently Baloch civilians are victimized and displaced by Occupational State Forces. Residents are forced to abandon their homes and relocate to areas near Kalat, Quetta and other regions along the Northern Afghanistan border. Anyone attempting to flee West is shot at by Iranian Border Patrols.


Woman among two killed in Pakistan army’s aerial strikes in Mashkai, several abducted from New Kahan

By BRP Media Cell

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Pakistani forces have launched deadly offensives in Mehi, Zung and adjacent villages in Mashkai region in Balochistan here on Monday morning.

Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that a large number of fresh military troops put a tight siege around Mehi, Zung and nearby villages and started intense shelling on houses. Local sources confirmed that gunship helicopters and fighters jets were also being used in the brutal operation.

Several houses have been destroyed due to indiscriminate bombardment and more than a dozen people have been injured including seven women and six children, whereas 70 years old Muhammad Bakhsh Baloch and a 55 years old woman were killed in the aerial bombardment of PAF during Mashkai operation.

Moreover, Pakistani troops abducted several people including a 14 years old boy in house-to-house search operation in Mashkai.

Meanwhile in Karachi, Police has carried out a crackdown against peaceful Baloch protesters. According to details, Police attacked the hunger strike till death protest camp of Baloch Student Organization-Azad in front of Karachi press club. Police fired tear gas shells and opened aerial fire at camp in which several women activists were badly affected.

It worths to mention here that BSO-Azad sat the hunger strike camp for the safe release of its chairman, Zahid Baloch. who was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Quetta on March 18, 2014.

Lateef Johar, a central committee member of the organization is on hunger strike unto death protest since April 22, demanding safe release of the abducted chairman, Zahid Baloch.

Separately, Pakistani security forces have abducted five people from New Kahan, a Baloch populated area in Quetta during door to door search operation on Friday. Forces have taken them away to an undisclosed location. The abductees have been named as Meer Khan son of Barek Khan, Raza Khan son of Meer Khan, Mustafa son of Azeem khan, Shah bux son of Dad Mohammad and Hashim son of Dur Jan.


Pakistan forces kill 10 separatist militants in Baluchistan

(Reporting by Gul Yousafzai, Writing by Mehreen Zahra-Malik; Editing by Maria Golovnina and Simon Cameron-Moore)

Visit Reuters for full story, photos and links: Pakistan forces kill 10 separatist militants in Baluchistan

(Reuters) - Pakistani forces killed at least 10 separatist militants in the volatile province of Baluchistan on Monday, paramilitary officials said.

Baluch rebels have waged a decades-long insurgency in the remote, sparsely populated and mineral rich southwest province, bordering Iran.

The Frontier Corps, the main state security force in Baluchistan, said it launched an operation against militant hideouts in the mountainous Panjgur district on Monday morning.

"Ten militants were killed in heavy exchange of fire this morning," said Frontier Corps spokesman Wasay Khan. "Several militant hideouts were destroyed and three soldiers were also wounded."

It was impossible to verify official accounts as journalists and independent observers are not allowed to operate freely Baluchistan.

The operation took place after Latif Johar, a member of the separatist Baloch Students Organization (Azad), went on hunger strike 11 days ago to demand the release of the group's chairman and more than 100 detained members.

In the past three years, bodies of hundreds of members of Baluch political parties, student groups and poets have been discovered across the province, and many more are still missing.

Baluch activists say the bodies are evidence that the army is pursuing a systematic 'kill and dump' campaign to crush the separatist movement - a charge the army has repeatedly denied.