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Sanaullah Baloch Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur Karlos Zurutuza Selig Harrison Malik Siraj Akbar Zaffar Baloch Sanaullah Baloch: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth... Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: Negligent dereliction of duty... Karlos Zurutuza: Inside Iran's Most Secretive... Selig Harrison: The Chinese Cozy Up... Malik Siraj Akbar: Remembering Qambar Chakar... Zaffar Baloch: Balochistan's Burden...

Just Released! Line Of Freedom, directed by David Whitney

Visit the official website Line of Freedom for more information and to watch the full movie.
Please also note, upon its release, Pakistan took immediately took steps to block this movie from Pakistan viewers. Read: "First Case of Selective / Targeted Online Censorship: Pakistani Government Successfully Blocks Specific Links"

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In 2011, an innocent student was abducted by his country's security forces. After days of interrogation and torture, he was shot and dumped in the desert. But incredibly, he survived. This is his true story, and the story of thousands of his countrymen who have died in a secret and dirty war

Details at Internet Movie Database and Time Out Dubai

Director: David Whitney

Writer: David Whitney

Produced by:
Aly Doshambe: associate producer
Bhawal Mengal: producer
Noordin Mengal: producer
Waqqas Qadir Sheikh: associate producer
David Whitney: producer

Antonio Khela: Nasir
Mansoor Al-Feeli: Pervez
Tony Hasnath: Rasool
Fatima Al Taei: Hani
Umar Malik: Gul
Nitin Mirani: Private Sajjad
Omar Bin Haider: Private Malik
Ibrahim Renno Jr.: Private Amjad

Original Music by
Neil Haggerty

Cinematography by
Russell Nabb

Film Editing by
Emma Collins

Sound Department
Neil Haggerty: sound editor

Other crew
Amy Clarke: script supervisor