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Locals report Pakistan military takes advantage of earthquake to move forces into Balochistan

Maskay (Mashkai), Balochistan: Local sources report that the Pakistan army is amassing troops in Mashkay (Mashkai), Balochistan. Three types of personnel have been observed: the Pakistan Army, Frontier Corp (FC) and the Frontier Constabulary. Sources allege that the army is using the cover of earthquake relief to transport troops to what appears to be a base camp in Manguli.

The army, FC and Frontier Constabulary are jointly deployed and patrolling in vehicles fitted with cannons--not machine guns. The base camp is reported to have a communications center equipped with satellite internet and/or communications relay systems, VSATs, etc. to support air strikes. The army is equipped with thermal imaging or laser designators and a witness reports seeing a machine-gunner training the device on locations in the surrounding mountains and claims "the army has posted two-man sniper or gunner teams on top of literally every mountain en-route to Mashkay." The relief organizations that are allowed to enter the area are JUD, JEM, the Pakistan Red Crescent, IK Foundation, Edhi Foundation, Alkhidmat. The army seeks intelligence on militants from relief workers. Some nationalists attempting to collect relief rations have been reported abducted following these exchanges.

Some Taliban and jihadist graffiti is reported to have been tagged on rocks and walls.

Another source reports he witnessing an Apache helicopter escort of an army convoy when his team was in Mashkay. He identified the helicopters as Apaches, not Cobras. An Apache can lock 28 targets simultaneously in under 28 seconds, and its Gatling gun is helmet mounted, moving with a pilot's line of sight. The source believes the military is preparing for an onslaught against Baloch rebels in as little as two weeks.