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Military Massacare in RD-238 area of Jaffarabad - 11 members of a family killed in assault

Naseerabad 05-12-2013: The Pakistan military, in an act of aggression near the RD-238 area of Jafarabad, has killed 11 members of a single family and injured several others, including women and children. Mr. Riazat Baloch s/o Bagul Baloch, Mr. Kosagh Baloch, s/o Warna Khan, Mr. Masso Baloch, s/o Bakho Khan and two sons and a grandson of Mr. Ali Dost Baloch are among the deceased.

According to sources, the military sealed the area early in the morning and started a brutal operation. Three gunship helicopters also took part in the operation.

The military abducted dozens of Baloch youth from the area, and handed over six dead bodies of abductees to the nearest police station of RD-238. At the filling of this report, three more persons were found dead, dumped in a shallow well after being abducted in the morning. The death toll reached 11, while the area is still under siege. Dozens are still missing, but their families are unable to search for their beloved ones due to the heavy presence of military in the area. It is feared that the missing persons may also have been killed and dumped. The military torched dozens of mud houses and the rice crop.

Please note three members of the targeted family were abducted and killed/dumped earlier. Mr. Nakeef Baloch and Mr. Gullan Baloch were abducted by the military and then thrown from helicopters in Noshki.