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Military Operations in Tump & Sui; Baloch musician's house burned down, two killed

Eyewitness: "First they opened fire, then they broke into the houses looting away valuables. Women and children kept crying watching forces burn down their houses."

HORRIFIED locals of Koshkalat, a small village located a few miles from Tump, dragged their children inside their homes, locked their windows and closed the doors when Pakistani forces besieged the area a day after burning down houses in nearby Gomazi village. This time too, the Army apparently had the same plan: to kill and burn.

25 armored vehicles and around 200-300 personnel took part in the bloody operation that killed two and left several others homeless.

According to eyewitnesses, army officials stormed every other residence in the corner looting valuables and setting the houses on fire. Army fired live ammunition and used teargas canisters throughout the operation.

Famous Baloch singer and musician Minhaj Mukhtar's house was among the first targets to be turned into ashes, an eyewitness said on phone speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Two, including 70-year-old elder Ghulam Mustafa, were shot and killed by the army during the operation. The other victim was named as Allah Baksh Dad, a local farmer. Locals had to wait for the army to leave before they could come out to retrieve the dead bodies.

Later, emotional traumatized women and children moved to help themselves by building huts out of the wreckage of their burned houses.

Following the attack on Koshkalat, the Army headed towards the nearby village of Malkabad where it broke into Mulla Saif's house and burned down the homes of several other residents. The entire village was besieged for a few hours, cutting off all road connections. Mobile networks were reportedly jammed during the operation.

Bullet-riddled body found: Meanwhile, another bullet-riddled body of a Baloch Missing Person was found in the suburbs of Mand. The body was identified as Babu Baloch, resident of Soru, Levies officials confirmed. Babu Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces sometime ago.

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From July 3, 2013:

Military offensive in Sui: Pakistani forces destroyed dozens of houses & abducted twelve Baloch civilians – Sher Mohammad Bugti

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP) Sher Mohammad Bugti have said in a statement that Pakistani forces have launched yet another massive offensive in different areas of Sui as chain of military operations in Balochistan continues. A large number of armed forces targeted the “Go Pat” and “Doda Tibba” areas and indiscriminately bombarded the civilian populace. More than fifty houses of innocent Baloch villagers were destroyed in the heavy bombardment or set on fire by the forces after being randomly targeted and looted. A number of Baloch civilians including women and children were wounded in the bombardment. Loss of lives is also feared as the medical access to the victims is not possible because of the siege of the forces.

The violent attack of the ground troops followed the bombardment as the forces entered the houses of Baloch civilians and violated the sanctity of households. Residents were badly tortured and harassed. At least twelve people were abducted by the forces during the door-to-door operation. The abducted men were identified as Warna s/o Kundha, Lalu s/o Sahiv, Talu s/o Nabi Bux, Baggi s/o Nabi Bux, Nadir, s/o Tangav, Khalid s/o Bhora, Konari s/o Gosho, Latu s/o Gosho, Dado s/o Esa, Usman s/o Essa. All the abducted people belong to Bugti tribe.

Mr. Bugti further said, that the claims of Pakistani governmental and forces’ officials about efforts being made for peace in Balochistan are nothing but lies to conceal their continuous Baloch genocidal polices. Every time top Pakistani governmental stakeholders visit Balochistan, they try to find new strategies to counter the national struggle of Baloch people for the rights and freedom. Military operations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial murders are the favorite weapons of the state against Baloch national movement.

BRP’s spokesman also demanded to the international community and global institutions to take note of illegal occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistani state and continuous human rights abuses and war crimes being committed by the state forces to deter the just demands of Baloch people for their rights including the rights of freedom and sovereignty.