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November 2013 Human Rights Report of Balochistan

CrisisBalochistan note: Below is a police blotter of sorts, a chronicle of events in Balochistan, published by Below the November list is a collection of releases posted by the activist youth organization BSO-Azad. In the absence of mainstream media investigations in Pakistan, this is some of the only news available regarding alleged military and security agency operations in Balochistan.

Published by BalochYouthWing

1st November 2013.

Military goons beaten up the shopkeeper in Naseerabad and threaten to destroy their shops if they follow the strike call of BRP.

4th November 2013.

Pakistani agency death squad killed four baloch civilians in suraab and Khuzdar Balochistan.

04th November 2013.

Pakistan Army abducted Asghar s/o Rahim Dad Baloch from Turbat airport Balochistan.

06th November 2013.

Haji Abdul Rauf Baloch, father of slain Baloch activist Martyr Haroon Zehri targeted killed by the state hired death squad in Khuzdar Balochistan.

07th November 2013.

Dozens of houses of the villagers were sat on fire during army operation in the Zainkoh, Dera Bugti Balochistan.

07th November 2013.

Pakistani security forces abducted two more innocent civilians during late night raid in Kunari area of Naseerabad Balochistan.

07th November 2013.

Heavy Army operation under way in Zainkok region of Dera Bugti Balochistan. Six people including two children & a woman have been wounded

08th November 2013.

Pakistani forces killed two innocent Baloch & left more than ten wounded during military offensive in Naseerabad and Dera Bugti areas of Balochistan.

08th November 2013.

Dozens of innocent Baloch including two Sindhi were abducted by Pakistani forces during chattar Poleji operation.

08th November 2013.

Two innocents martyred while more than 10 including women & children have been injured in the Ariel bombardment of Pakistan army in Zainkoh.

08th November 2013.

Deadly military operation taking place in Zainkok & Mat areas of Dera Bugti & Chattare Poleji area of Naseerabad Balochistan.

09th November 2013.

Pakistani forces attacked the house of Gulam Mohd Bugti the central leader of Baloch Republican Party In Mangoli area of Naseerabad

11th November 2013.

Ghulaam Mohd Khosa Baloch & an aged activist of BRP Ali Dad Bugti have been abducted by Pakistani forces during offensives.

11th November 2013.

Pakistan army along with local death squad carrying out a deadly operation in Bhoral and uchling Villages in Dera Bugti Balochistan.

12th November 2013

Mutilated dead bodies are being found in different parts of Balochistan today another has been found from Surab area of Kalat Balochistan

12th November 2013.

Pakistani forces abduct six people including three women and two children during military aggression in Gopat area of Dera Bugti, Balochistan.

14th November 2013 (added with details from BSO-Azad report below***).

From BSO-Azad report: The Central spokesperson of the BSO-Azad said that the Pakistan army on November 14th, 2013 abducted 40

Baloch youths from the mining town of Marwar in a search operation.

17th November 2013.

Forces search operation in Baloch Areas, forces abduced Khuda Rahim S/o M.Umar Baloch from Tasap Panjgoor Balochistan.

17th November 2013.

Pakistani Forces search operation in several houses forces Tanvir S/o Irshad, Qundal Shah S/o Mohmmad Jam, Yseen Khan S/o Janda, Akthar and sohail S/o Bahar Khan from Panjgoor Balochistan.

19th November 2013.

Agencies Private death Squad attack Mama Qadeer Baloch in this attack mama qadeer Baloch is safe from Hub Balochistan.

19th November 2013.

Pakistan forces open the fire on Meer Anwar jan Football club plyer and badly toured them in Panjgoor Balochistan.

19th November 2013.

Pakistani forces attack on Martyr Younus Baloch hous and badly toured and abducted his brother Arbab Hussain, Sher Dil S/o Dr Samad and Safar Baloch from Panjgoor Balochistan.

20th November 2013.

Pakistani Forces abducted Abdul Qayum S/o Haji Habib on his shop from Buleda Balochistan.

20th November 2013.

Forces open the fire on Civilians from Teertaaj Awaran Balochistan.

21st November 2013.

Two bullet riddled bodies found from Naal Greshag area of Khuzdar, bodies still not identified

22nd November 2013.

Unknown gunmen killed Rahmat S/o Pendok after the abducted from Hoshab Kech Balochistan.

23rd November 2013 (Also see BSO-Azad report below*).

Pakistani Agencies and his hired death squade attack on Baloch civilian houses and tortured the civilians and looted their valuable things include Gold cash etc from Khuzdar Balochistan.

24th November 2013.

Pakistani Military operation door by door during the operation forces looted people Properties Gold and Cash and tortured Old age Man and women from Mashkey Balochistan.

24th November 2013.

Unknown gunmen killed Rasool Baksh S/o Faqeer from Passani Balochistan.

24th November 2013.

Unknown gunmen abducted Khuda Iqbal S/o Taj Mohmd from Passani Balochistan.

25th November 2013.

Dead body found of 15 years old Muslim S/o Imam-ud-deen from Surab he was abducted before 7th month ago by Pakistani forces.

25th November 2013.

Today Pakistani Army abduct six Innocent Baloch including Lalu Bugti, Rafiq Bugti, Safdar Bugti & Mohammad Khan Bugti from Depaal area of Dera Bugti Balochistan.

26th November 2013.

Hari Lal dead by unknown gunmen firing from Kharan Balochistan.

26th November 2013.

Massive Army offensive continue in Dera Bugti and Naseerabad, three civilians have been killed in today’s operation in Chattar puleji. The victims have been identified as Panao Bugti, Raheem Khosa, Naseeb Khosa Baloch.

26th November 2013.

Pakistani establishment hired dead squad Lyari gangwar killed after the abducted of Martyr Haji Abdul Razaq Baloch née sarfraz sarbazi Baloch from Lyari Karachi.

27th November 2013.

Nizar Mohad Brohi mutilated dead body found from Balochistan and sindh border.

27th November 2013.

Pakistani agencies abducted Advocate Haider Chahsar Kech Balochistan

27th November 2013.

One person dead by unknown gunmen firing from Wadh Khuzdar Balochistan.

29th November 2013.

Pakistani Forces abducted Inayat S/o Ubaid ullah and Riaz S/o Rasool Baksh during the checking car and tortured rest of women from Turbat Balochistan.

29th November 2013.

Pakistani secret agencies abducted shopkeeper Mohd Aslam S/o Lal Baksh from Hub Balochistan.

29th November 2013.

Pakistani establishment hired death squad Rashid Patan brother Mansoor and his member attack Baloch Martyr Jamil Yaqoob house and abducted Naseem and Shehzad from Turbat Balochistan.

30th November 2013.

Mutilated dead body of Javed Baloch found from Mangochar Balochistan.

30th November 2013.

Forces dead squad shafiq Mengal members open firing on Business men Pama from Kharan Balochistan.

* * *

BSO-Azad reports

*BSO-Azad December 1, 2013, report of events: "The central spokesperson of the BSO-Azad reported, in a press release, a raid on the populations of Nal and Greisha by the PakPakistan army and Pakistani death squads. Residents were subjected to physical harrasment and their valuables looted, including blankets, businesses were forced into paying extortion money and the population was fired upon. At least 35 Pakistani military vehicles participated in 23 November the assault.

The Pakistani death squads that participated in the raid are lead by the tribal chief Aslam Bizanjo and senator and vice president of the National Party, Hasil Bizanjo. The spokesperson further said that people like Aslam and Hasil, to serve their selfish interests are actively participating the Pakistan army's genocidal operations in Baluchistan. The spokesperson said that Doctor Malik, Hasil and Aslam Bizanjo, and Akhter Mengal are sworn enemies of the Baloch national struggle. They have proved their loyalty to Pakistan time and again and that they continue to serve the Pakistani government by joining the government; giving a false impression to the world of the Baluch having equal rights in Pakistan and covering Pakistan's gross human rights violations in occupied Baluchistan thus undermining the Baluch movement internationally. The spokesperson said that the Baluch have seen their true colors and there is no place for opportunists. The spokesperson also said that as our movement grows stronger the Pakistani occupation and its agents intensify their atrocities against the Baluch."

**BSO-Azad November 23, 2013, report of events: "The central spokesperson of the BSO-Azad said in a press release that Pakistani occupying forces raided the house of slain Younas Baluch in Tasp, Pangur. Arbab Hussain, Sher Dil and zafar Baluch.

The brother of the slain activist and contractor by profession Younas, Arbab Hussain, was released while other abductees are still held captive. During the raid women and children were abused, the house ransacked and valuables looted by the Pakistani forces. Earlier this year the Pakistani forces killed Saeed, another family member of Younas.

The Pakistani forces, this week, have intesified their genocidal operations in the towns of Garmakan, Vashbood, Tasp and Chitkahn of Punjgur. 43 Baluch men have been abducted by the Pakistan army in raids. have been The targeted towns are under a state of siege with all communications links, including both road and telecommunications systems, having been suspended. Residents are subjected to daily abuse by the occupying Pakistani forces.

Yesterday, Arif Noor a resident of Pasni was shot dead by the Pakistani forces and later accused to be an activist of the BSO-A. The spokesperson further said that while the World was celebrating Journalism on the Global Journalism day, Baluch towns including Sui,Panjgur, Awaran, and Dera Bugti were being inflicted with atrocities by he Pakistani forces and the families of Baloch Missing Persons on their long march were recieving threats from Pakistani forces and death squads; Despite being fully aware of burgeoning Pakistani state terrorism in occupied Baluchistan the International Media and Supranational organizations have chosen to stay quiet. Whereas the role of the Pakistani media -to cover the Occupation's crimes against humanity- is understandable, the silence of the International mediahouses and supranational organizations is disappointing."

***BSO-Azad November 17, 2013, report of events: "The Central spokesperson of the BSO-Azad said that the Pakistan army on November 14th, 2013, abducted 40 Baloch youths from the mining town of Marwar in a search operation.

Pakistani soldiers ransacked and looted homes. Inmates including women, children and elders were subjected to physical harassment. The Pakistani army torched houses, vehicles and car-lifted residents' coal laden trucks.

In Noshkie, Zahoor Ahmed Longov was abducted by the Pakistani occupation forces. The spokesperson further, disclosed confirmed reports of the Pakistani terrorist outfit Lashkar-E-Tiaba(LeT), under the name of Jamat-ud-Dawa, actively operating in Balochistan's earthquake hit areas of Awaran. Falah-E-Insaniyat Foundation(FIF) the humanitarian arm of the Jihadi terrorist group is embedding Jihadi agents in local medrassahs who are trying to inculcate religious extremism to counter secular Baloch nationalism. The spokesperson said that the Pakistani government deliberately barred secular aid organizations from participating in relief operations and allowed the FIF to partake relief activities, inline with Pakistan army's counter-insurgency operations; the LeT is an militia of the Pakistan army. LeT agents have painted Pro-Jihad and Pro-Pakistan graffiti in the towns of Awaran. The FIF has been awarded the development of health and education projects in different towns of Awaraan including Awaraan City, Labach, Dalbidi, Ziaratdan, Malaar and Gishkor.

The BSO-A spokesperson expressed fears of the FIF using these projects for setting-up Jihadi nurseries in the area to counter the Baloch freedom movement and to support Pakistan army's transnational terrorist operations and said that the LeT agents have already been armed. The BSO-A spokesperson appealed to the United States and International Community to intervene and help protect the secular culture of the Baloch. The educational and medical complex in Awaraan City is already being operated by the LeT."

****BSO-Azad October 16, 2013, report of events: "The central spokesperson of the Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) has said that the Pakistani army has started a grand terror campaign in Mashkay.

Yesterday the Pakistani army attacked the house of Balochistan National Movement(BNM) secretary general, Dr.Mannan Baloch, abducting his ten year old son Zeeshan and 12 year old nephew Sajid along with four other family members. Both minors were dumped, tortured, unconscious at the Shaeedan square in Gajr. The names of the other, still, abducted family members are Kareem Dad, Ghulam Ali, Muhammad Umar and Muhammad Khan.

Following the 7.7 magnitude earthquakes in Balochistan, Pakistan army is using the cover of relief operations to accelerate its genocidal operations against the Baloch. All roads leading to Mashkay have been cordoned-off and renewed terror attacks have been started by the Pakistani army. At four in the morning, 4 gunship helicopters, 8 tanks and 20 armored personnel carriers of the Pakistan army attacked the town of Gajr. Cellular communications have been suspended in Mashkay. Pakistan army has occupied all public buildings including schools and dispensaries. Pakistani troops ransacked the houses of local residents and forced them, at gunpoint, to build army check posts. Adjoining areas of Mehi, Koh-e-Safaid and Koh-e-Jehani were targeted by gunship helicopters.

Pakistan army is carrying out similar terrorist attacks in other areas of Balochistan as well; house of martyred nationalist Qasim Baloch was set ablaze and livestock looted by the Pakistan army death squad, Balochistan Mussalah Difah Army. In Tasp and Ayraap areas of Panjgur, Pakistan army and local drug traffickers, working together, harassed Baloch civilians. Pakistani troops and local drug traffickers opened indiscriminate fire and raided homes to terrorize residents. Pakistan army is exploiting the recent earthquake to further intensify the Baloch genocide and to strengthen its occupation of Balochistan. The Pakistani army, with utter disregard for humanity or the sacred days of the Hajj, is relentlessly committing acts of genocide to serve its colonialist objectives."

* * *

Earlier sampling of operations:

May 25, 2013: Military Operations in Tump & Sui; Baloch musician's house burned down, two killed

Eyewitness: "First they opened fire, then they broke into the houses looting away valuables. Women and children kept crying watching forces burn down their houses."

HORRIFIED locals of Koshkalat, a small village located a few miles from Tump, dragged their children inside their homes, locked their windows and closed the doors when Pakistani forces besieged the area a day after burning down houses in nearby Gomazi village. This time too, the Army apparently had the same plan: to kill and burn.

25 armored vehicles and around 200-300 personnel took part in the bloody operation that killed two and left several others homeless.

According to eyewitnesses, army officials stormed every other residence in the corner looting valuables and setting the houses on fire. Army fired live ammunition and used teargas canisters throughout the operation.

Famous Baloch singer and musician Minhaj Mukhtar's house was among the first targets to be turned into ashes, an eyewitness said on phone speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Two, including 70-year-old elder Ghulam Mustafa, were shot and killed by the army during the operation. The other victim was named as Allah Baksh Dad, a local farmer. Locals had to wait for the army to leave before they could come out to retrieve the dead bodies.

Later, emotional traumatized women and children moved to help themselves by building huts out of the wreckage of their burned houses.

Following the attack on Koshkalat, the Army headed towards the nearby village of Malkabad where it broke into Mulla Saif's house and burned down the homes of several other residents. The entire village was besieged for a few hours, cutting off all road connections. Mobile networks were reportedly jammed during the operation.

Bullet-riddled body found: Meanwhile, another bullet-riddled body of a Baloch Missing Person was found in the suburbs of Mand. The body was identified as Babu Baloch, resident of Soru, Levies officials confirmed. Babu Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces sometime ago.

* * *

From July 3, 2013:

Military offensive in Sui: Pakistani forces destroyed dozens of houses & abducted twelve Baloch civilians – Sher Mohammad Bugti

The spokesman of Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP) Sher Mohammad Bugti have said in a statement that Pakistani forces have launched yet another massive offensive in different areas of Sui as chain of military operations in Balochistan continues. A large number of armed forces targeted the “Go Pat” and “Doda Tibba” areas and indiscriminately bombarded the civilian populace. More than fifty houses of innocent Baloch villagers were destroyed in the heavy bombardment or set on fire by the forces after being randomly targeted and looted. A number of Baloch civilians including women and children were wounded in the bombardment. Loss of lives is also feared as the medical access to the victims is not possible because of the siege of the forces.

The violent attack of the ground troops followed the bombardment as the forces entered the houses of Baloch civilians and violated the sanctity of households. Residents were badly tortured and harassed. At least twelve people were abducted by the forces during the door-to-door operation. The abducted men were identified as Warna s/o Kundha, Lalu s/o Sahiv, Talu s/o Nabi Bux, Baggi s/o Nabi Bux, Nadir, s/o Tangav, Khalid s/o Bhora, Konari s/o Gosho, Latu s/o Gosho, Dado s/o Esa, Usman s/o Essa. All the abducted people belong to Bugti tribe.

Mr. Bugti further said, that the claims of Pakistani governmental and forces’ officials about efforts being made for peace in Balochistan are nothing but lies to conceal their continuous Baloch genocidal polices. Every time top Pakistani governmental stakeholders visit Balochistan, they try to find new strategies to counter the national struggle of Baloch people for the rights and freedom. Military operations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial murders are the favorite weapons of the state against Baloch national movement.

BRP’s spokesman also demanded to the international community and global institutions to take note of illegal occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistani state and continuous human rights abuses and war crimes being committed by the state forces to deter the just demands of Baloch people for their rights including the rights of freedom and sovereignty.