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US Looked the Other Way on Pakistan Rights Abuses: Feared Military's Killings Could Harm Aid Program

By Jason Ditz

Perhaps the most shocking revelation isn’t what the NSA did, because at this point they’ve been caught spying on virtually the whole planet, but what they didn’t do when they gathered information about the Pakistani military and ISI’s extrajudicial killings: say anything.

Pakistan’s military has often been accused in the media of conducting extrajudicial kills and campaigns of intimidation against its perceived enemies, particularly in Balochistan. The NSA’s surveillance found evidence that the allegations were spot on, but because revelations of human rights abuses would’ve complicated the ongoing US aid program to Pakistan’s military, they let the matter slide.

...Other classified documents given to The Post by Snowden reveal that U.S. spy agencies for years reported that senior Pakistani military and intelligence leaders were orchestrating a wave of extrajudicial killings of terrorism suspects and other militants.