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Rehman Malik: the Civilian Face of Pakistan’s Military Establishment

thumbnail imagePakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the civilian face of the country’s powerful military establishment is a continuation of the former dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s policies in Balochistan. He is the one who sanctioned and devised the policies of empowering Frontier Corp (FC), the Pakistani paramilitary, in Balochistan involved in enforced disappearances and the ‘kill and dump’ activities.

Constitutional impasse and resultant socio-economic shortfalls in Balochistan, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan

thumbnail imageAddress to European parliament: "I would like to begin by saying I’m very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to express the concerns of a nation which has been illegally occupied by a neighboring and hostile nation called Pakistan."

Crime without a name

thumbnail imageMohammad Akhtar Mengal – Islamabad and its powerful establishment are committing Balochcide, a systematic act committed with institutional intent to destroy Baloch society. Islamabad’s brutalities and Hitler-like policies against the Baloch people will not deter us from continuing our struggle nor will these terror tactics result in suppressing our feelings

Balochistan: endless despair

thumbnail imageMohammad Akhtar Mengal – The appalling poverty, desolation, unemployment, worsening health conditions, malnourishment, tribal in-fighting, mounting corruption, support for drug barons and religious fundamentalism in historically peaceful and secular-oriented Baloch society are the domino effects of systematic policies imposed by the Islamabad super-establishment.

The shocking neglect of Baloch flood victims

thumbnail imageDr Jumma Khan Marri on the pathetic conditions of the flood-affected people of Balochistan.

Rehman Malik rubs salt on Baloch wounds

thumbnail imageImtiaz Baloch – As if history is repeating itself, today under the PPP government, jihadist organizations are being pampered, Ahmedi mosques are being torched, Shias are being killed, Christian villages are being burnt to ashes and the army is engaged in a blood bath in Balochistan. They say that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. This time it would be the whole PPP as a party signing off on its political death warrant, along with the leadership to the Pakistan army generals.

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