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Kalat’s homeless brace for harsher winters

thumbnail imageTemperatures are rapidly going down in Kalat and Abdul Majeed and his family spend their nights in a tent without enough food or warm clothes.

Genesis of the Baloch-Islamabad conflict

thumbnail imageUnfortunately, Islamabad’s dirty policies are not just confined to exploiting Baloch wealth but the establishment is also in constant efforts to marginalise and upset the very liberal and social fabric of Baloch society

The burqa debate: “Just so you do not have thoughts…”

thumbnail imageWe all know that burqa does not have its roots in religion. Religion only asks women to dress modestly. Where did the burqa or veil come from then? Why do so many women in the world cover their faces?

Taking social media by storm

thumbnail imageIronically, the Baloch no longer complain about this lack of representation in the national media. They don’t even insist on more coverage of their grievances in the news channels and papers. Yet, the secessionist movement is gaining momentum. A conflict which was confined to only two tehsils only four years ago – when former governor Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed – has today spread across the length and breadth of the province.

Baloch Hal Editorial: Social Entrepreneurship in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe Senior Executive Vice President of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Imam Baksh Baloch, a native of Panjgur, inaugurated a forty-bed private Shaeed Javid Medical Complex hospital in Balochistan’s border district of Panjgur. It is the biggest hospital ever constructed in the entire Mekran region. This grand project in the health sector has been funded and sponsored by a Haji Zahid Hussain, a resident of Gramkan area in Panjgur district, who heads a construction company called the Emaan Builders.

Baluchitherium: The largest land mammal

thumbnail imageAfter the dramatic extinction of the dinosaurs, the bones of the largest land mammal were discovered in 1910 by English paleontologist Sir Clive Forster Cooper.

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