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Threats to Girls’ Education: Extremists Burn Student Vehicle, Beat School Owner, Flash Victory Sign

thumbnail imagePANJGUR: Unidentified gunmen, suspected of having links to an underground religious extremist group opposing girls’ education, attacked and burned a school van carrying female students in Panjgur District on Wednesday, local residents confirmed. The students remained unhurt but the attackers beat the school owner who was driving the van.

Hunger strike

thumbnail imageA young Baloch student demands the release of his leader

ICJ to Pakistan: investigate disappearance of human rights defender Zahid Baloch

thumbnail imagePakistan authorities must immediately determine the fate and whereabouts of the chairman of Baloch Student Organization-Azad (BSO-Azad), who was allegedly subject to enforced disappearance by officials of the Frontier Corps, the ICJ said today.

Baloch Americans set up International Solidarity Camp to Save Zahid Baloch outside US State Department

thumbnail imageOn Monday, May 5 several members of the Baloch community and friends gathered in front of the US State Department, joining the international Baloch community in protest against the March 18 abduction of BSO Chairman Zahid Baloch by Pakistani security forces, and to express solidarity with BSO members (particularly Latif Johar), currently on hunger strike at the Press Club in Karachi.

Meet Suleman of Balochistan - the king who lives in exile in Cardiff

thumbnail imageHis neighbours know friendly Suleman Daud as a friend to chew the fat with. But now he has revealed the story behind his arrival in Wales

Coverage of Pakistan Army attacks on Kalat, Pangjur and Mashkai areas

thumbnail imageDesperate to secure Chinese investment in the region, Pakistani forces have accelerated their offensive in Balochistan. Pakistan FC began a massive troop deployment this morning in the Kalat area in hopes of orchestrating an “endgame scenario”.

Bomb in Islamabad market kills at least 21

thumbnail imageA bomb has ripped through a fruit and vegetable market on the outskirts of Islamabad killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens more in a new attack in the Pakistani capital, which until recently had remained relatively removed from the shootings and bombings that plague other parts of the country.

Pakistani state crackdown on Baloch Bookshop owners

thumbnail imageIs it a crime to write about Baloch history and geography? Major Majeed Baloch

Losing a generation: 111 of every 1,000 children in Balochistan die before age 5

thumbnail imageChild mortality rates in Balochistan are the highest in the country, with 111 children of every 1,000 births dying before they reach their fifth birthday. Ninety-seven of these children do not make it to the age of 1 year.

Five Baloch activists killed and several injured in Kech military operation

thumbnail imageAt least five unarmed civilians were killed and several others, including women and children, were injured in a military operation in the Pidarak area of Balochistan...

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