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BRA Attacks convoy of Chinese company, 4 killed, more than 10 wounded

According to sources, Baloch Republican Army (BRA) fighters attacked a mining company convoy with a remote controlled explosive device which went off with a huge explosion when the convoy approached it.

As a result, two vehicles of the occupying forces were destroyed; four personnel were killed on the spot, while more than ten were wounded.

Prior to this attack, The Baloch Republican Army had warned all oil and gas exploring companies, Chinese in particular, that they must avoid entering Balochistan and should not exploit the national resources of the Baloch nation against the Baloch will. All companies were warned of the terrible consequences.

Despite this warning, the Chinese company is cooperating with the occupying state in looting Baloch resources. The BRA warns the Chinese and all oil and gas exploring companies to drop their ongoing projects and flee Balochistan. Otherwise, the Baloch Republican Army will target them with more firm and severe attacks in the near future because all national resources of Balochistan belong to the Baloch people. No one will be allowed to exploit them against the will of the Baloch.

A spokesperson said, "Our Struggle will continue till the independence of Balochistan."

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Occupied Balochistan: A Pakistani security agent and two employees of a foreign oil and gas company were killed as Baloch militants opened attacked on the place where employees were engaged in exploring oil and gas in Shahrag near Harnai on Wednesday. Five others sustained bullet wounds in the shooting incident, local residents said.

Militant outfit Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility, saying that it would continue to target all people, including engineers, involved in exploration of oil and gas in Balochistan.

Merak Baloch, spokesman of the BLA, told newsmen on the telephone that the BLA had kidnapped three employees of an oil and gas company after the attack. “Nawaz, Noor and Delshad belonged to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are in the custody of the BLA,” he said.

He further said that earlier fighters from his Organisation have carried out a similar attack in Chamalang area where Pakistani security forces are engaged in looting Balochistan natural resources. “Despite several warning from our organisation, foreign and Pakistani companies did not halt their work in Balochistan. Hence, they leave us with no other option but to attack them," he explained.

He warned international companies and investors to stop their works in Balochistan and to not further invest their wealth because Baloch freedom fighters will not allow anyone to loot and plunder Balochistan’s natural resources. Until and unless occupying Pakistan forces vacate Balochistan, the attack against them will continue.

According to Deputy Commissioner Khudai Nazar Barech, officials of BGP were busy in conducting a survey in Shahrag when armed men on the mountain-top opened indiscriminate fire on them, killing three persons, including an official Jameel Hussain and Ijaz Ali, a security official, and injuring five others. The dead and injured were taken to a government hospital for treatment, where one of the injured identified as Shabab Ali succumbed to his injuries.

Personnel of the Frontier Corps escorting the company’s officials returned fire. The attackers fled from the scene.

Official sources said three employees went missing after the attack. However, they did not confirm whether they were kidnapped by assailants. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident.

Courtesy: DailyTawar & Dailytimes