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Three bullet-riddled bodies found: Khuda Raheem Bangulzai, Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch

photo: Khuda Raheem Bangulzai

Levy forces found a brutally tortured body near Koshik on the Quetta-Taftan road. They shifted the body to district headquarters in Mastung for identification.

According to eye-witnesses, the body of the Baloch youth bore marks of severe torture and he had been shot in the head. His body was found in a deserted area off Quetta-Taftan road. Desperate and worried families of missing persons rushed to headquarters but nobody recognized him. Later the victim’s body was shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.

Arif said his brother had been abducted near Mastung few days ago. Sources said that a letter was found in the pocket of Mr Bangulzai. It was signed by a previously unknown group "Mujahideen Balochistan", and read “Bangulzai was a friend of Ali Sher Kurd and belong to BLA. He has received his punishment and others like him will also meet the same fate”.

The brother of Khuda Raheem Bangulzai, along with Nasrullah Bangulzai, the chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, had held a press conference at Quetta Press Club on 12/12/2010 in which they accused the Pakistani security agencies for the abduction of Mr Bangulzai.


Report from Balochistan Point | December 17, 2010 | Two Baloch missing person bullet-riddled bodies recovered in Turbat

photo: Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch

The dead bodies of two abducted Baloch activists Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch have been recovered in Turbat today. It was alleged that Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch had been disappeared by security agencies while traveling Turbat to Quetta. Yousaf Baloch belonged to Tump and Abdul Raziq Baloch was a resident of Mand. Both victims had bullet wounds to the heads and bodies, and their bodies showed signs of torture. The Baloch Republican Students Organization (BRSO) has called for shutter down strike observation for tomorrow in Turbat, Mand and Tump against the martyrdom of Baloch activists.

Link to graphic video of Abdul Raziq Baloch Mandi

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Partial list of Baloch killed in 2010:

Name, Date, Place

01 Ali Dost Baloch 15 January 2010 Khuzdar

02 Saddam Baloch 15 January 2010 Khuzdar

03 Ameer Bux Langov 28 February 2010 Mastung

04 Sikandar Baloch 02 March 2010 Khuzdar

05 Junaid Baloch 02 March 2010 Khuzdar

06 Warna Majeed 17 March 2010 Quetta

07 Mukhtar Baloch 01 May 2010 Mashkey

08 Asif Baloch 01 May 2010 Mashkey

09 Beebagr Baloch 11 June 2010 Khuzdar

10 Qadeer Baloch 25 June 2010 Turbat

11 Faiz Baloch 20 July 2010 Mastung

12 Najeeb Baloch 20 July 2010 Quetta

13 Yusuf Marri 24 July 2010 Quetta

14 Farooq Mengal 26 July 2010 Quetta

15 Ashfaq Mullazai 26 July 2010 Quetta

16 Gulaam Qadir Pirkani 06 August 2010 Quetta

17 Bahaar Bangulzai 06 August 2010 Quetta

18 Nazeer Bangulzai 07 August 2010 Quetta

19 Hakeem Baloch 11 August 2010 Mand

20 Shahjan Baloch 13 August 2010 Quetta

21 Zohaib Rodini 14 August 2010 Khuzdar

22 Khan Muhamad Baloch 14 August 2010 Khuzdar

23 Muhammad Hussain Baloch 16 August 2010 Panjgur

24 Nadir Gichki 18 August 2010 Tump

25 Raheem Bux Baloch 19 August 2010 Turbat

26 Gulaam Nabi Baloch 21 August 2010 Quetta

27 Ghazi Khosa 26 August 2010 Bostan

28 Advocate Zamaan Marri 06 September 2010 Mastung

29 Asadullah Baloch 08 September 2010 Quetta

30 Ali Marri 13 September 2010 Mastung

31 Advocate Ali Sher 24 September 2010 Khuzdar

32 Zahoor Bangulzai 22 October 2010 Mastung

33 Faqeer Muhammad Shahwani 22 October 2010 Mastung

34 Majeed Zehri 24 October 2010 Khuzdar

35 Asim Baloch 31 October 2010 Khanozai

36 Fida Baloch 04 November 2010 Tump

37 Babul Baloch 09 November 2010 Quetta

38 Asmatullah Sarparah 17 November 2010 Mastung

39 Basheer Lehri 17 November 2010 Mastung

40 Sami Baloch 17 November 2010 Khuzdar

41 Hamid Ismail Baloch 18 November 2010 Turbat

42 Lala Hameed (Hayatan) Baloch 18 November 2010 Turbat