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Long-ignored ethnic strife cuts off Pakistan’s gas

thumbnail imageMillions of Pakistanis are suddenly without gas supplies after ethnic Baloch separatists blew up three pipelines from gas-rich Balochistan Province to the country’s most populous Punjab Province. The attack serves as a powerful reminder that the forces of entropy in Pakistan are not limited to Islamic militants and hostilities with neighboring nations.

The Plunder of Saindak’s Copper and Gold

thumbnail imageThe Saindak copper-gold mine is counted amongst the mineral resources that mark Balochistan as a rich land. Despite the existence of gold and copper in great amounts and with great value, the Baloch nation is unable to benefit from it because the Chinese exploitation of Baloch resources is continued with the assistance of state authorities and the establishment. The Saindak production or so-called Baloch share has never been utilized for development of Baloch and Balochistan.

Senior Baloch Leader Demands Cancellation of Gwadar Port Agreements With China

thumbnail imageSenior leader of the Balochistan National Party (B.N.P.) and former Senator and MNA, Sanaullah Baloch has raised concerns on the recently signed “unilateral agreement” of the central government regarding the handing over of Balochistan’s strategic Gwadar Port to the China’s state-owned company without Baloch consent, international biding and transparent process.

Baloch Hal Editorial: Gwadar, China And The Unrest

thumbnail imageGwadar and its neighboring districts of Kech (also known as Turbat) and Panjgur have become the new centers of nationalistic violence. A change in the government has not necessarily led to the improvement of the state of law and order in Gwadar and its surroundings.

From before: Gwadar: A Port For China, A Tinderbox For Balochistan?

thumbnail imagePakistan and China say developing the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar, in Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan, will promote trade throughout Central Asia. But Baluch nationalists see an effort to drown out their calls for independence.

Gwadar and ‘the great game’

thumbnail imageCertain western capitals that tow US foreign policy understand this great game well and extend hospitality to Baloch nationalist politicians, as do the US senators who sponsor resolutions in their senate, sidestepping the legally vexing question of how Nasir Khan I could, in the first place, ‘grant’ Gwadar to Al Bu Sai’d of Muscat who was a ‘refugee’ in the territory of the Khan of Kalat in the 18th century – an act for which Pakistan had to pay $3 million nearly a century later.

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