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Dear Mr Prime Minister

While your government may have pleasant stories for some, Balochistan is on the verge of death with a sharp increase in human rights violations, humanitarian crisis, and socio-economic erosion.

Balochistan’s missing money

Pakistan has no resource management policy and doesn’t have a transparent and well-established system. The Islamabad elite, in fact, is unwilling to establish or introduce a transparent system to channel natural-resource earnings towards human development. Balochistan’s multi-billion copper-gold project, Saindak, was gifted to a Chinese company without any transparency by Musharraf in 2002 – and recently extended for another five years – without sharing a single clause of the agreement with the public or parliament.

The Baloch perspective

Pakistan’s mounting energy crisis and the growing demand for energy security in the region have magnified Balochistan’s economic and strategic importance. As a result, in each and every significant agreement signed between Beijing, Islamabad and Tehran, Balochistan is the centre of attention.

The truth about Balochistan, Part II

The power-hungry sardars and nawabs widely visible on Balochistan’s political scene are a by-product of the establishment’s long-term policies. These sardars derive their legitimacy from the civil-military establishment, and they misrepresent the Baloch people’s political aspirations.

The truth about Balochistan, Part I

The first universities, schools and other centres of learning in Balochistan were established by moderate and nationalist Baloch tribal chiefs who were staunch opponents of colonial rule in the Subcontinent, particularly in Balochistan.

A snapshot of Balochistan

Balochistan faces a multitude of problems, including worsening human rights violations, economic stagnation, Talibanisation, sectarian targeted killings, political assassinations, abductions for ransom, mass migration, deteriorating health and education infrastructures, mismanagement of natural resources, skyrocketing corruption, bad governance and institutional breakdown. These issues combined have brought the province to the verge of total collapse.

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