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Hyrbyair Marri: China should not be party to disputes between the Baloch and Pakistan

In a statement issued from London, Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said China should not act as a partner in crime with Pakistan to exploit Baloch national wealth. World powers, instead of expressing concern, should practically act against Pakistan's decision to hand over Gawadar Port to China. The world should support the Baloch freedom struggle.

Hyrbyair Marri said Pakistan has been looting and plundering Baloch national resources since it occupied Balochistan, but the liberation struggle has created several hurdles to thwart the exploitative policies of Pakistan. After failing to defeat the Baloch freedom movement, Pakistan has planned to lure some powerful countries to invest in Balochistan. A few years ago India, Russia, China and Germany, with the assurance of Pakistan, had agreed to invest in Balochistan. After a thorough investigation of the situation, however, they realised that the Baloch nation does not support the Iran – Pakistan – India (IPI) gas pipeline and other projects. That’s why they became less interested in investment in Balochistan and one by one they abandoned these controversial projects.

Pakistan, however, has now once again conned China into the exploration of oil and gas in different areas of Balochistan and has also handed over the Gawadar port to China. Several countries in the region have expressed their concern over this deal, which the Baloch people appreciate, but emphasize that only expressing reservations are insufficient.

The Baloch leader said that China’s interference in the disputes between the Baloch and Pakistan could create difficulties and complexities in the region. “We want to make it clear to China and other powers in the world that we wish peace and prosperity for this region and we respect all nations. We expect the world to recognise Baloch as a nation and support the Baloch freedom struggle."

Mr. Marri added, "We have already said that China knows the value of land. That is why it disputes ownership of the uncultivated Senkaku Ilsands with Japan. China is also a colonial state like Pakistan and that is why it is flooding Tibet with ethnic Chinese people. Similarly, Pakistan has occupied Balochistan and settled non-Baloch there to turn the indigenous Baloch into a minority in their own homeland."

The Baloch leader said the Baloch nation was ready to render sacrifices for their country and they have the capability to foil the conspiracy against their national sovereignty. Talking about future difficulties and challenges, Mr. Marri said that upcoming Pakistani elections in Balochistan were a real test for the existence of Pakistan. The Baloch should not participate in these elections and prove that the abducted persons and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the better future of Balochistan will not go in vain. “Those who are anxious about Pakistani elections and want to take part in elections are crossing over the heap of the bodies of Baloch martyrs and they should be reminded that they have separated ways from the nation.”

Mr. Marri appeared for unity, "I desire that the pro-freedom Baloch parties should understand the gravity of situation and come closer to each other on an ideological and scientific basis and form a unity of patriotic revolutionaries. We will be at the forefront of any such unity so that together we can counter all the internal and external challenges. Such unity will also ruin the attempts of those who are trying to create misunderstandings between the Baloch pro-freedom forces in the name of unity."