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Baloch woman leads largest protest ever in Turbat to express frustration with international media and human rights organizations

Kech: A rally held by the Baloch Student Organisation-Azad and the Baloch National Movement (BNM) is said to be the largest in Turbat's history. The city echoed with “Free Balochistan” slogans.

Thousands of Baloch women, children and elderly took part in a rally on Saturday against Pakistani military operations in Balochistan, kill and dump practices and the ‘criminal silence of the international media’ over gross human rights violations in Balochistan, as well as the silence of the UN and other international human rights organisations regarding the Baloch genocide.

Protest in Turbat, Balochistan, February 2013

Kareema Baloch, the vice chairperson of the BSO-Azad, led the parade from Degree College Turbat to Fida Shaheed Square, where a sit-in was staged. The rally then headed towards Boys College where it took the shape of huge demonstration. The rally participants chanted the slogans in support of free Balochistan and Baloch freedom loving forces. The participants were waving flags of Balochistan and their respective parties.

The participants of the rally strongly criticized the international media for their criminal silence on ‘Baloch Genocide’ by Pakistan. A Baloch woman held a placard which read: “BBC and VOA STOP IGNORING BALOCH GENOCIDE.” They also condemned the UN for its coldness about the Balochistan situation.

Several hundred Baloch from Mand, Balecha, Dasht, Turbat, Shapok, Hoshaap, Keesak and other areas of Balochistan also participated in the rally which was headed by the Vice Chairperson of BSO-Azad, Kareema Baloch.

Speaking to the participants of the rally, Kareema Baloch said: “The Baloch nation has been demanding a free state for the past many decades. Thousands of Baloch have already laid down their lives, whereas thousands are still suffering in torture cells. Despite all these atrocities the international media has criminally remained silent. The UN, which has taken notice of human rights violations in the Congo, Palestine and Kosovo, is also ignoring the Baloch genocide by Pakistan and Iran.”