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Hairbayar Marri Says Balochs Destined to Win Freedom

LONDON: A Baloch nationalist leader who supports an independent Balochistan, Nawabzada Hairbayar Marri, has warned that if the international community does not cooperate with the Baloch people to check Pakistan’s support for extremist Islamic groups, the menace would one day pose serious threats to the stability and security of other nations of the world.

“We are destined to win freedom. Pakistani intelligence agencies are unlikely to stop us from achieving our goal,” he vowed.

He said this in a condolence statement issued in reaction to the killing of Malik Noor Ahmed Qambarani, an old confidant of his father and veteran Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, whose killing Hairbayar alleged was orchestrated by the death squads of the Pakistan intelligence agencies.

“I knew Mr. Qambarani personally,” he recalled, “he was a brave, committed and selfless Baloch.”

Mr. Marri said that the Pakistani intelligence agencies were frustrated with the growing popularity of the Baloch nationalist movement. In order to counter the political movement, they were creating underground death squads to target kill the most educated and enlightened members of the Baloch society. These death squads, he added, keep changing their color all the time.

He warned the ‘civilized world’ to realize how dangerous Pakistani state’s collaboration with radical Islamist groups was as it would lead to destructive consequences for the world peace. While these groups were currently being mashroomed to undermine the Baloch nationalist resistance movement, one day they will turn against the whole world community. He appealed to the international governments to help the Baloch against Pakistan’s policies supportive of Islamic extremist groups.

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