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New claims of murder and torture at hands of Pakistan military: victim, an 8th grade student

Compiled from BalochWarna and anonymous sources

KHUZDAR, BALOCHISTAN: On the heels of coverage regarding executions of detainees at the hands of Pakistan's military, reports from Balochistan allege that Pakistani security forces have dumped the body of eighth grader Abdul Majeed Zehri on Rabia Khuzdari Road, five days after abducting him. The youth was picked up by armed men from the Al-Basit medical store, Omar Farooq Chawk, on October 18.

Abdul Majeed was a member of the BSO-Azad student organization. The Junior High student's body was found 'wrapped' in the Baluch national flag by local police. The body was received by Abdul Majeed's family at Civil Hospital in Khuzdar. The teenager's body showed signs of torture.

Abdul Majeed's funeral was attended by citizens of Khuzdar. Maulana Faiz Muhammad, ex-minister of Pakistan's parliament and a religious scholar, led the emotional funeral ceremony. Attendees shouted anti-Pakistan slogans while a shutter-down strike was observed in Khuzdar, government installations were attacked, the Treasury Department was set ablaze and the RCD Highway, which connects Baluchistan with Sindh, was blockaded. Ismail Baluch, a representative of BSO-Azad, said "The Pakistani occupation's genocidal actions will not intimidate us--we will only strive harder."

Meanwhile, in Karachi, Pakistani security agencies have allegedly abducted another three members of the BSO-Azad student organization: Yasin Baluch, Nauman Baluch and Tariq Baluch. The three youths were kidnapped from apartment C-164, Block-19, of the Al-Rouf Royal City, Gulistan-a-Johar. Observers say that the Pakistan military, suffering causalities at the hands of the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), seems to be taking revenge on political activists.

This past week was one of the bloodiest for the Baluch movement this year. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a Pakistani political party routinely accused of political violence and terrorism, went on a killing spree after it opened fire at a Baluch procession protesting the Pakistani military force's October onslaught in Mashkay, Balochistan. The city had already been the scene of bloody violence following the September assassination of MQM senior leader Imran Farooq in London.

This graphic video shows victims of Karachi violence who have been brought to either a morgue or hospital by ambulance drivers, identified by caps and jackets as CHHIPA Welfare Association workers. One of the persons present identifies the victims as Baloch.

Families of the disappeared and political organizations have repeatedly pleaded with the UN and human rights organizations to investigate human rights abuses at the hands of Pakistan's military and security agencies in Balochistan. Thus far, only the Asian Human Rights Commission has focused any attention on Pakistan's state-sponsored violence in Balochistan.

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