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IPI: the Baloch perspective

By virtue of its energy resources and its location, it is key to the energy supply to South Asia, including Pakistan. The country’s mounting energy crisis and the growing demand for energy security in the region have magnified Balochistan’s economic and strategic importance.

Genesis of the Baloch-Islamabad conflict

Unfortunately, Islamabad’s dirty policies are not just confined to exploiting Baloch wealth but the establishment is also in constant efforts to marginalise and upset the very liberal and social fabric of Baloch society

Remembering Habib Jalib Baloch

While in the Musharraf era, the focus of the establishment was to eliminate patriots from the Baloch tribal elite such as Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the current strategy has shifted to the destruction of the middle strata leadership to weaken the grassroots connections and Baloch intelligentsia

The Pakistan dilemma: challenges and prospects for the European Union

Pakistan is relevant to all five “frightening scenarios” outlined in the European Security Strategy (ESS) paper in 2003. These key fears include – terrorism, proliferation of WMD, regional conflicts, state failure and organized crime including drug and human trafficking.

Justice delayed, not denied

OUTSIDE the Karachi Press Club, after years of protests in Quetta and other parts of the province, hundreds of families hailing from impoverished parts of Balochistan are protesting and holding pictures of their loved ones, who have gone missing due to `enforced disappearances`.

Blood Gold: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth

Sanaullah Baloch – Why haven’t Pakistan’s ‘blood and conflict’ resources never attracted international attention? Conversely, the discovery of what is said to be the world’s second largest copper-gold reserve, Reko Diq, in Balochistan’s Chaghi region has attracted many greedy companies, benefiting from corrupt deals.

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