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Sanaullah Baloch Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur Karlos Zurutuza Selig Harrison Malik Siraj Akbar Zaffar Baloch Sanaullah Baloch: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth... Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: Negligent dereliction of duty... Karlos Zurutuza: Inside Iran's Most Secretive... Selig Harrison: The Chinese Cozy Up... Malik Siraj Akbar: Remembering Qambar Chakar... Zaffar Baloch: Balochistan's Burden...

A local hero

Emotion made me deaf; I couldn´t even pay attention to the words the girls were reading, but I could see Amin nodding after every sentence. "What a great job he is doing," I thought. "What a great man he is."

Malik Siraj Akbar: Baloch journalist and writer

On August 11, 1947, Baluchistan declared its independence. Pakistan invaded their territory seven months later. GARA talks with one of the most authoritative voices on one of the longest running conflicts still active today.

Pakistan's 'secret' war

Armed groups of Balochs in southwest Pakistan are gaining momentum at a critical point for the country's future. Deutsche Welle looks at the phenomenon which presents yet another problem in the troubled region.

Hamid Ali Baloch: Balochi language teacher at Quetta's University of Balochistan

“Despite the appalling illiteracy rate among us, many Baloch speak more than four languages.”

Inside Iran’s Most Secretive Region

Sistan and Balochistan has been described as akin to Mars on Earth. For all the attention they get from Tehran, many Baloch feel they may as well be on another planet.

Baloch from Afghanistan: between insurgency and famine

The Afghan Baloch are another people that make up the colourful ethnic mosaic of the country. And like the Pashtuns, Tajiks and Uzbeks, the Baloch have also seen their land divided by arbitrary boundaries in Central Asia.

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