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Sanaullah Baloch Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur Karlos Zurutuza Selig Harrison Malik Siraj Akbar Zaffar Baloch Sanaullah Baloch: Exploitation of Mineral Wealth... Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur: Negligent dereliction of duty... Karlos Zurutuza: Inside Iran's Most Secretive... Selig Harrison: The Chinese Cozy Up... Malik Siraj Akbar: Remembering Qambar Chakar... Zaffar Baloch: Balochistan's Burden...

Five Lions in Afghanistan

The Panjshir Valley is an oasis of calm in war-torn Afghanistan. Could a colourful history one day help to make it a tourism hotspot?

Abdul Sattar Purdely: Baloch intellectual from Afghanistan

"Since the division of our territory in three we have faced terrible episodes of repression"

Hospitals in Helmand hot zone treat more 'collateral' patients

A visit to the two hospitals in the war-torn Helmand region of Afghanistan exposes the horrors that innocent civilians, so-called collateral damage caught in the crossfire, experience in modern wartime.

Afghanistan’s Forgotten Province

Nine years after the first post-Taliban UN talks on Afghanistan were concluded in Bonn, one border province is still left oddly isolated.

Geneva Conference on Enforced Disappearances

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kachkol Ali at his residence in Quetta in June last year. This was just a few weeks after he had witnessed the kidnapping of three of his clients from his office. A few days later, their bodies were found in the middle of the desert. Mr. Ali briefed me on those facts during an interview in full detail, the same way he would do afterwards with anyone who showed any interest in those terrible events.

Local builders risk losing out in Afghanistan's Helmand province by Karlos Zurutuza

US Marines and local businessmen are laying down the foundations for reconstruction in one of the Taliban's biggest strongholds in Afghanistan. But Helmand is likely to remain a place where many die and a few get rich.

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