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The weak hands of justice

People often wonder why these agencies and their henchmen invite condemnation and ire by displaying abducted persons’ brutally tortured dead bodies. There is a very simple bully’s logic behind it: instilling fear in the hearts of those who dare to fight for Baloch rights

Taking cognizance

Surely Balochistan is not going to become independent due to Congressional committee meetings. The only positive outcome of this meeting for the Baloch is that it has highlighted their plight and this may encourage other western countries to pay more attention to the human rights abuses in Balochistan

Negligent dereliction of duty

These loyalists have not dissented since Ataullah Mengal’s government, perceived as hostile, was summarily dismissed in Balochistan in 1973

No respite

The establishment and the armed forces here do not seem to learn from their mistakes. Obsessive self-interest has made them lose touch with reality

Bereft of reason

The support for the Baloch is an anathema for all the parties and politicians because it antagonises the army and not a single political entity is ready to risk its neck. There has been no mentionable show or even sham support for their rights

Agony, anguish and angst

The ‘day of disappeared persons’ is not commemorated to remind the disappeared persons’ families and friends because they never forget their loved ones; it is to remind deviant states that disappear people, of their moral and legal obligations

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