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Pussy in the well

Unless the dead cat of economic injustices is removed from the well of human relationships and the world system, no amount of observance of days and promises and platitudes are going to matter in any way or make the perpetrators of injustices oblige the great mass of humanity

The natural consequences

More than 80 million children and mothers will needlessly die in the developing world by 2015 unless the Millennium Development Goals are met. Those spending money on the military, oblivious to human suffering, are concerned only about their profits

A Page from the Past

In keeping with the Pakistani tradition of camouflaging history a vital chunk of the country’s past has been shrouded in mystery for over 20 years. This was the period of 1973-1977, when the Baloch rose in revolt against a state that had relentlessly oppressed them for decades and military operations against the Baloch people were at their peak.

Lest we forget

Zakir Majeed, Abdul Hamid Jamal, Mehboob Wadhela, Faiz Mohammad Marri and hundreds of other Baloch — it is impossible to name all — are missing. The unrestrained impunity with which they are disappeared, tortured and then thrown along highways just shows the epoch that the perpetrators suppose they live in

Ganging up

States with resisting minorities have found it convenient to label them as sectarian, criminal and terrorist to discredit their struggle and to justify the atrocities and crimes committed against them. The Iranian state has long denied the Baloch their rights and suppressed them but the resistance has continued

A new social contract?

The Baloch have suffered immeasurably for their rights and there seems to be no end to it because there is a systematic and concerted attempt to thwart the Baloch attempts to secure these rights. In such a scenario, speaking about ‘new social contracts’ is absolutely futile

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