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Shame on you America! — II

The West objects to Asian sweatshops' produced goods but fruits and flowers grown at the cost of Palestinian thirst and misery are kosher

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

In mainstream media and civil society there is, with a few exceptions, complete silence on the killings of the Baloch. It is time that we all realised that silence makes us a party to the crimes committed in the name of the ‘writ of the state’

One swallow does not a summer make

The summer of democracy and rights can only come when accountability becomes the norm. The FC can get away with everything from murdering the Baloch to the recent killings of five, reportedly, unarmed Chechens including a pregnant woman. The military too has been accused of killing militants in Swat and other troubled areas. Once this accountability is established, it can be followed with financial accountability, but human rights have to have top priority so that people do not live in fear and awe of state institutions. To bring about the sought summer of democracy, human rights abuses will have to be addressed urgently, relentlessly and forcefully. Without human rights being fully respected, there can be absolutely no empowerment of the people and, unless the people are empowered, the ‘establishment’ cannot be disempowered and this situation will persist indefinitely.

The last rites administered? Not yet!

The jubilations, the triumphalism and the joy expressed by the US leaders and public was crass and vulgar. Yes, some had lost their loved ones but then what about nearly a million killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since the invasions by western alliances?

Angry Baloch people

Only collaborators can present eulogies and excuses in return for the increasing number of dead bodies of educated Baloch youth being dumped daily

One who pays the Piper calls the tune

Any outcome other than the release and departure of Raymond Davis would have absolutely surprised me because you cannot expect the piper to play any tunes of his choice when not only is he paid to play but even the pipe he has belongs to the provider

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