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HRW World Report 2013: Pakistan

thumbnail imageSecurity forces routinely violated basic rights in the course of counterterrorism operations. Suspects were frequently detained without charge or were convicted without a fair trial. Thousands of suspected members of al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other armed groups—who were rounded up in a nationwide crackdown that began in 2009 in Swat and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas—remained in illegal military detention; few were prosecuted or produced before the courts. The army continued to deny lawyers, relatives, independent monitors, and humanitarian agency staff access to persons detained during military operations. Terrorism suspects, particularly in the Swat Valley, reportedly died inexplicably of “natural causes.” However, lack of access to the detainees made independent verification of the cause of death impossible.

Irfan Ali Who Died for Balochistan

thumbnail imageBeing a Hazara, Irfan Ali, was destined to collect the dead bodies of his community members ever since adolescence. He ceased to be just a Hazara or a Shia. He crossed every ethnic, sectarian or religious limits and became a true humanist.

The loneliness of Mama Qadeer Baloch

thumbnail imageHe sits alone at his protest camp but his loneliness is self-crowded. There is melody in the silence of his camp – a melody that rules the heart. It is our false imagination that we say he is alone. We wrongfully think he might become hopeless and abandon his struggle. He, however, feels surrounded in an environment of festivity – he sees happiness all around him and sees a world beyond what we see today. He sees a bright tomorrow. People think Mama Qadeer is insane but Mama Qadeer considers the world as crazy.

Brother of slain Ilyas Nizar abducted in Turbat

thumbnail imageThe enforced disappearance of Baloch youth continues unabated as Shaheed Ilyas Nizar’s elder brother, Nawab Jan Nizar Baloch, was abducted from Turbat on Thursday morning, November 22, 2012.

More Journalists Are Slain as a Culture of Impunity Thrives in Pakistan

thumbnail imageAt least two journalists, one full-time and a part-time, have been killed in Pakistan's restive southwestern Balochistan province in the past one week. Unidentified armed men carried out both the murderous attacks in the Pakistan-Iran border district of Panjgur.

Pakistan grilled by European Parliament for it's Kill and Dump policy in Baluchistan

thumbnail imageThe Human rights activists in Baluchistan have informed the International human rights community several times about the abduction of members of Baluch National Movement by Pakistani intelligence and how their body were found dumped near their houses but no stringent action has been taken against the concerned authorities despite of tons of evidence collected against the Pakistan authority.

Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) Seriously Concerned Over Death Threats to Abdul Qadeer Baloch, VBMP Members by Pakistani ISI Death Squads in Balochistan

thumbnail imageBaloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed serious concerns regarding the life-threatening statements against Abdul Qadeer Baloch and members of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons published in Daily Tawar, Quetta.

Pakistani military and ISI once again threaten to kill leaders and members of VBMP

thumbnail imageThe Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has been warned to wrap up the protest camp, outside Quetta Press Club, or else he will be physically eliminated.

Dera Bugti jirga: 13 girls bartered to settle tribal feud

thumbnail imageQUETTA: As many as 13 young girls have been bartered to settle a blood feud between two tribes in Dera Bugti district of Balochistan, officials and tribal elders said on Monday.

Agony of missing persons’ families far from over

thumbnail imageIkramullah Khattak came out of the Courtroom No I in the Peshawar High Court. He was visibly dejected and told media person that he was going to commit self-immolation. He said he could no longer face the minor children of his cousin, Jamal Abdul Tahir, who had been missing for over 15 months without any noteworthy progress in his case.

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