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Mangled facts

thumbnail imageThe son of Naseer Mengal, a former federal minister, Shafiq Mengal set up a pro-government tribal militia known as the Baloch Musallah Difaee Tanzeem, in the latter half of 2008. The original mission of the militia was to defend the local population in the Mengal-dominated Khuzdar, Wadh and Awaran areas of central Balochistan against attacks from Baloch separatist militants. But it soon degenerated into a death squad, killing people for political as well as non-political and tribal reasons.

The Baloch community in the Pacific Northwest peacefully called on the US to end military aid to Pakistan.

thumbnail imageThe Baloch community in the Pacific Northwest peacefully called on the US to end military aid to Pakistan.

What would you do if your brother was abducted?

thumbnail imageFarzana is standing in front of a shop with its shutter closed. I hope this isn’t symbolic of the Pakistani state. I hope they will lift the shutter and humanity will walk out.

Families of missing Baluch march for justice

thumbnail imageRelatives of people who have been disappeared or killed in Pakistan march more than 2,000km seeking UN intervention.

Baloch discontent

thumbnail imageIt is the Baloch resistance that now defines the social and political relations in Balochistan and people proudly indentify themselves with Sarmachars

Balochistan: The untold story of Pakistan's other war

thumbnail imagePakistan's on-off dialogue with the Taliban has been commanding headlines and the attention of politicians and diplomats. But there has been little interest in a dialogue that could end the longest civil war in Pakistan's history, says guest columnist Ahmed Rashid.

Where were you Lahore, when we were protesting for our missing Baloch brethren?

thumbnail imageThe protestors had no common ground with the Punjabis, except a historical resentment.

Silence of the grave

thumbnail imageWith Khuzdar Deputy Commissioner Abdul Waheed Shah in tow, the members of the tribunal quietly walked around, mostly picking up and ‘investigating’ things themselves — without gloves.

Talk to the Baloch now

thumbnail imageIt is also time to discard the old charge-sheet against Baloch nationalists. They were not the first to start a confrontation with the state; in each round of conflict they can be shown to have reacted to unjustified violence.

Grave aftermath of Khuzdar

thumbnail imagePeople in this country need to be protected from the state, rather than by the state. The Baloch example speaks volumes in this respect

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