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Torments without end

thumbnail imageThe state patronage for intolerant ‘jihadist brigades’ has slowly but gradually undermined the very foundations on which they thought they would build the edifice of the ‘Fortress of Islam’. It couldn’t have been otherwise because once intolerance and bigotry is accepted and promoted, it turns on society itself and destroys it from within and this is exactly what is happening here

Indifference or Blackout

thumbnail imageThe previously overlooked fury in Balochistan against the mainstream media has gradually transformed into full-fledged public expression of dissatisfaction with how the national media covers the troubled province. Disgruntled young Balochs blame the media, particularly the private news channels, for allegedly building up the entire crisis in Balochistan by not objectively and completely reporting the conflict since its inception. They say neither are they pleased with the amount of coverage the country’s largest province gets in the news bulletins, talk shows and documentaries nor are they appreciative of some journalists’ pro-government depiction of the situation in Balochistan.

Pakistan’s War Against “Miscreants”

thumbnail imageAll this means that Pakistan is continuing to violate its human rights obligations, but is meeting little international pressure to curb abuses

Silence is criminal

thumbnail imageThe Shia Muslims are being systematically murdered in Pakistan. Use the word ‘genocide’ and people would begin to protest and bring forth the dustiest of legal definitions. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ is slightly less contentious and is now occasionally being used in the case of the Hazara and other Shia. Reflect on the full import of the term for a moment, it has the implication that some people are merely filth and murder is a way to cleanse the impurity.

Bringing home the desert

thumbnail imageCivilizations can never be made up, this is all hitherto history has to tell us, but yes they can be ruined to irretrievable notwithstanding.

Views of a baloch girl (in Urdu)

thumbnail imageInterview with youth regarding Balochistan independence

Nothing to lose in Balochistan — but Balochistan

thumbnail imageBalochistan cannot be kept glued together by the use of violence; we have already tried that and still are. To put it vaguely, a new social contract will have to be devised, if it is not too late already.

Reposted: Dr. Nazar: a man's struggle for his country

thumbnail imageIn a rare glimpse into this conflict and into a region veiled by its near-blackout media status, Dr. Allah Nazar, one of the best-known Baloch resistance leaders with boots on the ground, agreed to an interview.

Balochistan: Winds of Change

thumbnail imageFor once, it is a treasure to read the wave of euphoria sweeping through the tweets of the Baloch people. After six decades of cries for help going into some inexplicable void, it is a moment of recognition. US Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher, who first chaired a US Congressional hearing on Balochistan, has now introduced a resolution calling for self-determination for Balochistan.

Pakistan's festering wound

thumbnail imageThe landmark initiative Dana Rohrabacher has taken in support of Balochistan, together with five other Congressmen, should spur liberals in India and Afghanistan to move similar resolutions in their respective parliaments. It is for both the countries to decide to what extent they can stand by the Balochs.

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