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Heterogeneity and the Baloch Identity

thumbnail imageAs the saying goes, “nations are built when diversity is accepted, just as communities are built when individuals can be themselves and yet work for and with each other.” In order to understand the pluralistic structure of the Baloch society, this paper begins with a critical study of the Baloch’s sense of identity, by discarding idealist views of national identity that overemphasize similarities.

A Glimpse at Baloch Nationalism

thumbnail imageThis paper is a revised version of the final chapter (chapter seven) of my doctoral dissertation: “Baloch Nationalism: Its Origin and Development up to 1980”, submitted for the degree of PhD, University of London in 2001.

From before: Death stalks site of Pakistan nuke test

thumbnail imageGovernment keeps relief workers from helping area's drought victims

What use are toothless and worthless conventions?

thumbnail imageThe Baloch have suffered terribly at the hands of the state since 1948 but maintain their dignity and have shown resolute courage under fire. The Baloch consider crying over the dead a sign of weakness

The wiping out of the Baloch intelligentsia

thumbnail imageThe perpetrators of the Bengali genocide never learnt anything from history. This time the playing field is Balochistan and the targets are Baloch intellectuals

Seeds of distrust

thumbnail imageThe issue of natural resources is one the Baloch are deeply sensitive about. It must be noted that it was this bone of contention that triggered the ongoing bloody conflict. Any attempt to fish in troubled waters will only exacerbate the situation. No one wants that. Now, there is the Iran-Pakistan pipeline being constructed without the Baloch nation’s consent. The Baloch will not sit as silent spectators as they are trampled upon and there will undoubtedly be strong political resistance to allow it through our homeland.

From before: Nuclear testing in Balochistan: a local physician's testimony

thumbnail imageThis is testimony taken at an undisclosed location in Pakistani-controlled Balochistan. Originally meant to be a “question-answer” interview, I've preferred to type it directly in first person following the recorded version.

'The Taliban are Pakistani military without uniforms'

thumbnail imageBasically, we want a country whose leaders are elected democratically, where religion is a private issue which doesn't play a role in the state affairs and where women, every creed and ethnicity share equal rights.

Pakistan’s siege of Lyari ignored

thumbnail image...the Baloch people of Lyari and the next-door province of Balochistan are probably the only segment of the population that has stood up to the Islamofascist agenda of Pakistan’s establishment, including its often corrupt military.

For a credible inquiry

thumbnail imageTHE attention the Supreme Court (SC) has focused on the Balochistan conflict and the human rights abuses being committed there raised the expectations of the affected population.

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