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US move and its impact on the Baloch national struggle

thumbnail imageThe US House Committee on Foreign Affairs convened an extraordinary congressional hearing on February 8, 2012, to discuss the alarming human rights situation in Balochistan. Comprised of Republican and Democratic members, the committee expressed grave concerns over the appalling human rights violations in Balochistan, asserted the need to not overlook, but rather respect Baloch human rights and to endorse the Baloch national right to self-determination currently violated and usurped by Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan’s War on Terror con

thumbnail imageThe U.S. "ally" continues to receive billions in aid despite protecting dangerous Islamist jihadis. Here's why

US and Pakistan in remake of Thelma and Louise

thumbnail imageAs people become radicalized and our drones swoop into Balochistan to drop their indiscriminate bombs on new ‘enemies.' we will kill more children like this innocent 16-year old. And the cycle will repeat--American taxpayers will have to cough up yet more money to protect themselves from the enemies spawned by American foreign policy.

In the shadow of the gun (Parts I and II)

thumbnail imageDuring the 1973-1977 army action in conflict zones, thousands of innocent people were killed, tens of thousands were internally displaced

Balochistan: Time for a ceasefire and political settlement

thumbnail imageThe case for a negotiated political settlement in Pakistani-annexed and occupied Balochistan is overwhelming. The Baloch people have a right to live without persecution and to decide their own destiny. History is on their side.

1972 - How Islamabad ignored Balochistan Assembly's resolution against Sardari System

thumbnail imageIt is not widely known nowadays but in 1972 a resolution was moved in the Balochistan Assembly demanding that the Federal Government abolish the Sardari, the Jirga System and the Tribal System since the Provincial Assembly did not have the authority to do so. The Federal Government took no action in this regard and about eight months later, on 14th February, 1972 the National Awami Party (which was responsible for presenting the resolution in the Assembly) Government was overthrown and a military operation was launched in Balochistan.

“We only receive back the bodies”

thumbnail imageMurder and mayhem in an ugly but little-known Pakistani conflict

Internet Censorship in Pakistan

thumbnail imageFree Speech is again curtailed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority & Pakistani Institutions.

Balochistan: In the Shadow of the Gun

thumbnail imageThe real debate in regard to Balochistan is not about the exact number of missing people, but rather about the government’s failure to exert its authority in the province.

The real Balochistan (Parts I, II and III)

thumbnail imagePervez Musharraf’s article ‘Understanding Balochistan’ was not only misleading, it was full of distortion of facts about Balochistan and the Baloch people. As could be expected of him, he failed to acknowledge in his article the folly of his misplaced military policies (which among other things resulted in that shameful defeat at Kargil). Nor, of course, did he apologise for the loss of lives in Balochistan. Instead, the Commando – who appears to believe that spreading of misconceptions and malicious propaganda can continue to mislead the people of Pakistan on the Balochistan issue – made a crude attempt at disinformation. He thereby sought to acquit himself, the army and the FC of the countless charges of killings, human-rights violation, disappearances, ethnic-cleansing and systematic suppression of the Baloch people.

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